Everyone needs to stop their whining.

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First of, I have been playing this game since it first came out, well kind of. Yes I made an anonymous account to post because I don't plan to respond or check this discussion later on. All of you complaining about how unbalanced the game is needs to take a really good look at this game and every other game. Yeah, it isn't perfect but what is?

People complaining how Next Game is only doing this for the money. Are you that f*ing stupid? Of course its about the money. Will you spend 40 hours a week for months in a company for free? This isn't a charity, Nothing is free. Who gives free servers? Free electricity? Everything costs money. This is life, real life. Deal with it.

Everyone complaining about how the percentage rate is bad or the token system is bad. Yeah, I don't like the hero token system but that is why it is called a hero. If it is so damn easy to get and level a hero up then I guess it isn't a hero then but just a common survivor. Even how it takes forever to level gear up. Well no duh. In ALL RPG or level systems, the higher the level the more time is needed in gathering resources, etc to level it up. Are you all that dumb or just never played an RPG/level system type game. I played MMORPG games and sometimes it will take months to get a piece of damn gear and when I even get, it isn't worth it cause new better content came out. That's how all games are done. GET OVER IT!

People saying balance this and balance that. You just want to make it so damn easy to the point where it isn't even fun anymore. Yeah, I agree there needs some type of fix and balances for some parts of the game but don't break the whole system just because you are too damn lazy to play the game. Don't want to play the game? F off. Go play every other microtransaction mobile game that is just like this game.

I'm getting tired and going to stop my ranting. I'm not one hundred percent in favor of this game. Yes a few things do need fixing, but all of you are just acting like spoiled brats wanting a free ride. Hey Next Games, if the gaming community gives you a big headache, close the game down and just say F you to everyone. Rename your company and just bring out another game with a different entertainment media (movie, tv show, etc). I wouldn't mind playing a Game of Thrones game made by "After Games".

Edit: I'm back. I made a spelling mistake. :(
Again. No one is forcing you to play this game.
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    Harsh, but I mostly agree.
    It's frustrating to come to the forums for ideas, and only see the same rant. "My pocktbook is closed!" Well, no one made you open it! The only valid complaint I've seen is the changing attributes of a purchased item.

    Tokens? Yeah I think they are over complicated, but it's better than losing a survivor I loved. And I shouldn't be able to max one out in a month. Heroes? I love having them, even when they are weak. Do I wish that I could call for either survivor or hero, but not both? You betcha, even if it was only for 2 Michonne tokens. But do I expect that a game should DESIGN their game to cater to me? No way.

    I'm sure NG can look at the metrics and see how many of us are simply playing as usual. I hope there are enough of us to support the game, because I'm still having fun over here.

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    PITA is gonna get you, for encouraging the mistreatment of dogs, in junkyards...

    Don't come to me for help...

    I've started on my " Puppies & Flowers " meditations... ( along with quenching my thirst )

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    You think leveling is bad here, try playing a tabletop rpg with a stingy dm. Practically have to suck the guy off to get a lousy +1 dagger and it still comes with an aggressive ego. Oh and kobolds can fly. Let's not forget that.

    Aside from that, there are a lot of people that are angry at the world right now. Most of these people are probably berners who're looking for a new cause now that the messiah has sold out to the dark side.

    Though I totally agree with them about the pistol silencer nerf warranting some kind of partial refund. NG charges entirely too much for my tastes for pretend guns to make them even more pretend.
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    I think I'll pass on a " lousy +1 Dagger " the requirements seem excessive...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    And I'm afraid to ask which Messiah sold out...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    "People complaining how Next Game is only doing this for the money. Are you that f*ing stupid? Of course its about the money"

    I think who pays for something you can do perfectly free is the big L in here

    Ill never gonna pay anything if does not deserve it, and this game is one example, the game system (turn based) is perfect, the graphics are great, but the policy around the game itself sucks.

    If the programmers one day fix the problems around and make it more enjoyable for all the people, than day Ill think on buy something, because I'll know people behind the game is worried about the customers, give a great product and service.

    Right now is not the case, im not gonna buy a weapon that in a couple of weeks will be useless, not gonna pay for gold because I found enough in the game itself, not gonna pay for upgrading my hospital because I raid and finish my missions on perfect, so, at end on the day its like returning at home and build a roaring V8 engine while Im playing Metal Gear Solid in F*kng Extreme Mode.

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    @shillfornextgames Please follow your own advice. Thanks. Have a nice day : )
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    I bet younare reading all this :wink:
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    Maybe NG should just be like lots of other games out there. Close this forum down completely.
    Let a user forum be created, and never actually speak to us.
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