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    @Neil_J good suggestions all around. The more people post the higher priority they should take.

    @jester @SlickRick @Japes87 I would like to know the list of priorities that are being discussed, going to be discussed and just on the list. If you are going to be the communities representatives, the least you can do is be transparent to us. I truly want to know if you have my and the communities best interests at heart.
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    Good work, looks promising!!! Keep it up.
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    Has there been any response from NG or are they just hiding hoping people will give up?
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    We're in discussions with them.
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    @jester Nice work and thanks for the update, although the I'm surprised that xp tents weren't on the list. It's surely the oldest complaint on here.....
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    @Neil_J xp tents they will most likely adjust at some point anyways and we will be able to discuss smaller issues moving forward , the big ones are the ones that will stop more of our friends from quitting.. we had each guild prioritize their top 3 issues they wanted addressed and went with the majority
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    @jester i am surprised as well. The low level challenge grinding was mentioned but not nearly as big of concern as other issues. I asked for a more complete rundown of the suggestions in sequence of priority, not just the top three. This way the community can have a chance to discuss and decide for themselves. Also, can you elaborate on exactly what we are shooting for with these priorites? Are we going for a two token system? Or a class token system? What changes are we proposing? Yes the council has been around a week. In this game a week is a long time. Long enough to table ideas and have results bounced back to us.

    Who decides what is priority? Is it council or community?

    The way i understand it, is that the council represents the community much like a lawyer would represent a client. They are or should be chosen by the client so that they feel they are most fairly represented. Also, the lawyer does not have say, but offers advice, leaving the decisions up to the client (community in this case). Granted this is a utopian mentality on this big of scale but the system works.

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    What guild are you in?
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    @jester what does my guild have to do with anything?
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    This group is called the NML GUILD Council.
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    I'm sure that next update will bring new fresh power to the game! I believe in our guild council and NG of course. Can't wait!
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    As a team player I wish to work for my guild.

    But, the past weeks I've come to the point I can hardly get myself to start the game and do more of those boring challenge missions. The loading it horribly slow, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete one challenge mission. And I need to complete like 50 or more of them to get anywhere that is rewarding to myself. (Except for the TG ofcourse, but I don't care much for that, since my gear is good enough atm).

    The grinding.
    The very low rewards.
    Even the TG rewards is a bit nonsensical to me.

    I am currently considering leaving the guild, for their own good.
    Because I am currently considering only loading the game to empty my farms etc and do nothing else whatsoever for while.

    Maybe in time my base will get stronger that way so that I can again complete some of the story missions.
    Those have come to the point of impossibility now to me.

    So. perhaps the council can distill some imput from the above that helps finetune the goals.

    Perhaps all that will contribute to a future update that brings the game back to something fun.

    For now,

    MadPuppy out.
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    @jester Oh i see, so only the guilds within have a say and reap any rewards. This really has nothing to do with the actual community then? Please clear this up for me and the rest of the community.

    That's funny because SlickRick in his OP names "all players" right in the opening line. @SlickRick Care to chime in and clear this up?
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    @jester Please tell me where I asked personal questions about you or your guild? Nowhere. I don't care what guild you are a part of, nor should you care what guild i am a part of.

    The whole point of forming the council was to represent the masses, present information, work with NG to satisfy ALL the players and overall provide the transparency that the players were looking for. I know that there are thousands of suggestions and millions more unspoken. I was asking the questions for you to answer as i feel the information the council has provided thus far to players and members of this forum is insufficient. This is why I ask questions. You CHOSE to be where you are. The responsibility was not thrust upon you. I know the commitment that you volunteered for, I do not wish it on anyone, but alas, it was your decision that put you there. So, if you cannot provide answers to simple straightforward questions as to the direction the council is going or wishes to go then how are we to know that this is what the community wants?

    I'm not here to cause trouble. I am here, asking questions to get answers that i think that would absolve the transparency issue, as well as provide us with some insight as to the direction of the council. I'm not attacking you or slickrick for any of this. I want to know what i (all of us) can look forward to from my (our) vested interest and support. I want to know and feel like this is worth the time, effort and interest or just a waste of time. This is a simple request for information. Do you not have a list of priorities past the first three? Do you not have a game plan for after the council has achieved its first results?

    I am not in any way saying that the council is a bad thing. It is a step, a step that is necessary to at the very least get answers that we have asked the devs for, for awhile now. Do i agree with how the council was formed? not in the least, but its what is here and it is what we have. Moving forward I hope that the council does do good things and it doesn't end up with the same courtesy that the devs lend us now, vague answers only when coaxed and prodded by someone of stature.

    At the end of the day, I still respect the figureheads of the council for the hard work they have put in and putting themselves out to help the player base as much as they can.

    You can take this as you will jester, constructive or not.

    @SlickRick I recognize the fact that you probably pay 80% of NG's staff to support your addiction. I recognize that you are working hard toward a goal that will provide the players with some relief from the madness (that is NG). When we see the fruits of your labor I will be the first in line to thank you for your time and efforts.
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    I never said that. You're making stuff up now. I said " good day sir."
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