Suggestions for Episode 10, mission 4

Hey guys,
Having trouble on 10, 4. Using my level 12 hunter, shooter, warrior. Do pretty good till I get close to the last car. Walkers end up turning to level 15, & 16 before I get around that last corner. Any tips appreciated .


  • Annette578Annette578 Member Posts: 504
    On episode 10 mission 4. Got it done ! I was moving to slow. As long as I kept moving fast, no overkills, just kept pushing along fast. Sometimes I get defeated by overthinking instead of moving fast! It was a tricky one ! Definitely need level 12 survivors on this one.
  • CapletonCapleton Member Posts: 441
    Congrats, but it is possible with lvl10 survivors. After watching the walkthrough on youtube :#
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  • Annette578Annette578 Member Posts: 504
    That's good to hear. Those fatty & armored walkers were the ones hardest to kill. I had time to level up my survivors while waiting on the episode 11 to be launched. Starting to replay the upgraded (hard) episodes again. I forgot that some of them were challenging. I know episode 6, 6 is a tricky one. Stay Alive !!
  • CapletonCapleton Member Posts: 441
    Just a little hint: ep 7.4 is still perfect for farming XP in hard mode. Do not finish it too fast and go back whenever you need some safe XP.

    I need to level up for guild challenges and episode 11 now...finished the first ten with lvl10 survivors.

    Take care and hit em hard....
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  • AicheeEAicheeE Member Posts: 2
    @Capleton - The problem with that youtube video (watched it twice) is there are no where near the number of walkers in the waves for that player as I see when i go thru. I have lvl 12 warrior, hunter, and shooter and have tried numerous times and still can't get past the last car before a horde of 15 level walker have my guys surrounded. I'm waiting for my guys to heal while I heal my ego :) . Next time thru, i'll try the suggestion i have heard of keep moving even if you take hits. Nothing else seems to work.

    If anyone has any other suggestions, I'm all ears...except the one that walker bit off!!
  • SkySky Member Posts: 46
    Hey @AicheeE Took me 6 tries. Couldn't beat Ep 10 M4 until I stopped using the hunter/shooter combos. Spawned way too many walkers! Tried it w my Lvl 11 Warrior/Scout/Bruiser combo and got thru on my first try. Narrowly, but I did complete it. Now I'm stuck on Lvl 10 M6. Leveling up my rare Assault Girl now to try it again.
  • DCNatsDCNats Member Posts: 223
    I used scout, warrior, shooter. It took me 5-6 tries until I realized that hunters did more harm than good by creating extra walkers. Try to minimize the active shooting when possible to avoid spawning and rely on overwatch shooting when you can. As others said, move fast once you have a sense of when the walkers will show up at each turn and get the cars moved quickly because that will protect you from behind. Also, it is almost impossible to avoid some damage so you just have to try and limit it. Good luck.

    For Level 10 M6, I used shooter and two hunters (all level 11). Try to get your two hunters at the bottom of the screen for the first waves so that they are lined up to shoot the horizontal rows each turn and use your shooter to protect any walkers coming from behind. If you survive the first two waves, then you have a few giant and armored walkers to get through.
  • AicheeEAicheeE Member Posts: 2
    I'm proud to say that I FINALLY completed 10.4 today. I still used my lvl 12 hunter (epic), shooter (rare), and warrior (rare). Not sure what was different this time around, in fact, I thought for sure I was dead when I couldn't move the second car only to discover that I had forgotten to move the first one. I think the secret is how to time the last car so that you can push it into place and block the wave of walkers that just spawned; this was the first time I was able to do that. Thanks for all the suggestions, folks. Keep on killing!!
  • Annette578Annette578 Member Posts: 504
    Great AicheeE,
    I always love it after a tough mission, that I struggled on, & finally get through it ! Then you take a deep breath, & gear up for the next one! Congrats! My struggle is
    11, 3. Haven't mastered that one yet. But I will ! Stay Alive ! ;)
  • simseysimsey Member Posts: 1
    Any new tips/tricks for this lvl?
    The level is killing me, every time! I've had countless tries at it now with different strategies and no success.
    Im always surrounded by lvl 14/15 walkers just b4 the last car...
    All my guys r lvl 10, maybe this is the problem but i see no way to upgrade them all unless i actually buy gold.
    But does anyone else think this is a stupid lvl? The difficulty increase from all previous ones seems huge and doesnt really make sense to me anyway...., close to giving up altogether, its over a week now!!! Aagghhhh!
  • ChiefNutzChiefNutz Member Posts: 4
    Just completed it on my first try. I used 2 lvl 11 warriors and 1 lvl 11 hunter. I only used the hunter 4 steps at a time, overwatch every turn that he wasn't moving a car. This minimized the walkers spawning. My hunter and my warriors were badly injured at the end though. Just wait a week and you'll be able to save up enough radios to upgrade the characters and lvl up the ones you have.
    Just farm the expedition lvls and you'll be fine.
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