8 days of **** w 14 diff tokens

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as you guys know that 8 days of garbage is on its way starting monday. if you guys are smart, you will save your radio phones, not buying that ridiculous overpriced radio bundle.

reminder that even it is z(h)eroes day, there is a chance you don't see the z(h)ero and furthermore, you may get only 2 tokens. it is most likely to get a 1 star rather than 2 stars (8 tokens) or 3 stars (32 tokens) depending on the minimum calls. even if it says (2 stars or higher) you can still get a 1 star (2 tokens) from that call when it supposed to be 2 stars or higher (8 tokens). and dont get me started on 3 stars or higher radio call and still get a 1/2 star z(h)eroes which is only 2/8 tokens when it is specifically says 3 stars or higher (32 or higher tokens)

may i remind you all that there are 14 different tokens. also, they are planning to add more z(h)eroes near future updates. on top of that, rendering the effects of luck trait.

i just care about everyone and ng doesnt care about their players and i am concerned about these fellow players and especially new players that they want to target not knowing how the z(h)eroes are completely garbage. ng only cares about our money and that is it.

i know my voice isn't enough to reach our community but it is a start.
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    I understand the sentiments, but I should save my radios for what then?? This mystical idea of saving my radios for some unknown future thing is not something I'm interested in doing anymore. I'm spending all my remaining radios on Abraham but I'm not purchasing extra radios. With the terrible luck nerf it actually makes Abraham better since I can just use weapon luck to stack his dodge trait. I want to promote him to 6 stars so just being honest here that he's a worthy use of my radios. Dont care about some general legendary event that may never happen anyways and no point saving my radios for some future use that may just get nerfed anyways.
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  • AmazaynAmazayn Member Posts: 522
    why not wait for the 2.1 update :confounded:
  • MovadoMovado Member Posts: 863
    Because who knows if 2.1 will be good versus pissing us all off more. Then there could be 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, and it never ends. This game's premise is to continuously shift the 'finish line' farther away from us so we are always in the rat race, and always needing more radios.. It frustrates me but I'm also kinda used to it with other games I played in the past so I know how it is. Not saying people should spend their radios now, as I was only talking about myself. This luck nerf is awful and I spent a lot of time building my team around Luck traits and it's all for naught. So I'm done saving up radios. Even if no hero week I'd probably just do radio pulls for whatevers.
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    I won't spend any radios for hero tokens, I'd rather keep on doing calls for Legendaries. The hero token system is crazy and they should merge all hero tokens into one big bucket and then we can choose which hero's we want. Otherwise I'm quite happy ignoring that hero's exist.
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    Everything is a nerf or a buff, to claim nerf is a simple argument, but not a complete picture.

    To be fair to NG, we as a community wanted a way to stop the auto-clicker farmers and other cheats. So the 100 normal walker XP cap + 1 XP per walker after 100 makes perfect sense and not something I feel is a true loss.

    On the other hand the expansion of the token system to have 14 different types was where I felt things went badly, we really should limit it to only 8 types (hunter, warrior, assault, etc) or 2 types (hero and non-hero). Otherwise NG will not see this as energizing the community to engage and spend more, but to give up entirely.

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    rgerkman said:

    I would even be ok with:

    Hero Tokens (apply to whichever Hero)

    & then Class Tokens (for our NonHero Survivors)

    I vote for your idea ;)

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