Here's an idea...

After alot of thought and analysis this is what I came up with : why not put the most valuable rewards in gold crates ? I know, it sounds illogical and crazy but what if it worked ?

Right now a single phone in a regular crate is way more valuable than any uncommon level 19 weapon. I am really starting to doubt that any NG decision makers actually play this game. How can you not put the most valuable stuff in the rarest crate ? I mean.... Really ? This is either complete ignorance or outright provocation neither or which I feel players deserve. It s time they bring in actual players to fix their mess.
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    I'll both agree and disagree...

    NG does put "most valueable" items in gold crates but they do it now at a drastically reduced drop rate than before, mixing them up with complete crap. I used to be drowning in radios (from last November until about April). Ever since then they have tailored the radios to be the most value resource and we see only 10%, or less, of what we used to.

    Yes, they should do what is "right" but "right" doesn't make them tons of bucks. They DO know how to extricate problems from the game but what we are talking about here is not a problem for them, it is an advantage and I'm certain they will keep this going for a very long time. They have many employees and "betas" playing the game and they are the ones, most likely, with the "greed" dial set to 10. If they find a loophole or an advantage they let the CEOs know and it is shut down or twisted to their financial advantage. They aren't blundering, they are scheming, and they are doing it with the artistry honed by many decades of North American big-business fascism.

    They know exactly what they are doing. They learn by example every day by what they see as "accepted" forms of commerce around the world. That, coupled with a greed-driven ethic (one that actually excludes the players' sentiments or levels of satisfaction, while at the same time stating that they care about us and thank us for our input) provides the culture that will certainly not deliver positive change.

    They will keep digging holes until they can't crawl out of them any more. If the wondrous creativity and initial quality of this game were to prevail then we would all have nothing but nuance points to raise. They have/had the opportunity to make this a game above all others. As it is, the green eyed monsters hold more sway in the boardroom than the developers, content creators and (as it appears @Teeceezy the forum moderators).

    After all the frustration I, and thousands of others, have vented in this forum, I've often wondered what those "poor" programmers think about what their management is doing to their product. Simply astounding game play, superior graphics, an awesome interface, etc., etc. It's kinda like telling your wife "Yay, I just got hired by Enron."
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    And making a weekend event that just rubs this nonsense in your face is a real lack of respect towards anyone that spends time or money on this product.
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    My rewards are pretty well mixed up. I know I always sigh as I hit the scrap button on a gold crate rare gear or on a silver crate uncommon gear too, but I've gotten a pretty fair share of radios (admittably not as many as the old days) and gold as well as legendary and epic gear) I get more xp out of them than anything though. 30+K xp is always a welcome sight.
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    How are you guys getting screenshots from my game? Lol
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    This was my best, the hand gun is pretty good but 2 levels lower than my shooter its the only epic I've gotten
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    I just had an epic assault rifle from a gold box - 3 levels lower than my survivors....... :(
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    Ohhhh that sucks @Neil_J this wknd has been a bit of a disappointment so far, well for me anyway.
  • Yep,

    me too. Securely keeping your wallet closed, securely negates 95% of ones chances to get or have anything good in this game now.
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