Team got wiped out...

I messed up and got my main team killed in the Guild Deadly mission...

Lost an epic and 2 rare survivor :(

Now, I am stuck with a weak team and no survivor ticket... what can I do ? is there a way to reset the account ?


  • HollywoodHollywood Member Posts: 23
    Kill zombi around your camp and wait a radio spawn to call some1 :smiley:
  • HollywoodHollywood Member Posts: 23
    I dont understand how u lost all your survivor..... :neutral:
  • McGuyverMcGuyver Member Posts: 2
    im a noob...

    I thought you can only get a radio spawn from mission
  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,138
    I had the same thing happen with one of my rare hunters. Now I can't find another rare hunter. All I get are uncommons and rare shooters. But I prefer the hunters.

    I would suggest farming the side missions in the episodes: either the non-deadly ones at the highest level, or the deadly ones on lower level episodes. You'll get a few walkies and hopefully then you can call other survivors.
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