I'm done playing outposts

Until NG fixes the connection issues. I've lost 5 raids and over 60 IPs over the past couple days because the game continues to freeze. Don't tell me to write a ticket because I've done that several times and get a useless canned response. At least fix it so that a raid is not lost if the connection is lost. If the game freezes on an exploration mission, you reboot and it resumes where you left off. Why can't NG make it so outpost resume where you left off after a reboot? It's frustrating to climb up the rankings only to fall 5 or more spots because the game froze. So I'm done with outposts until this I fixed. This should be a top priority for NG.


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    Happend to me, too.... a L O T !!!!
    Meanwhile more than 200 Points, I suppose?!
    edit: Playing on iPhone 6, cause it's much faster than any tablet I know.
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    This may be your device. It used to happen to me all the time on my iPad Air. Hasn't happened once on my new iPad Pro.
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    From reading the boards, it happens to slot of people, so it is not just my device. It is a flaw in the design of the game that a disconnection results in a loss of the raid. They could fix this by having the raid resume where left off prior to the disconnect.
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    I agree that allowing a resume would fix it, and since they know that, I suspect it's to stop an airplane mode exploit. Hope it's ok to say that phrase now that the game is fixed @zbot, otherwise go ahead and mod the phrase.

    I used to get mad at them when they suggested it was my device or connection, not theirs, but then when I switched devices and it stopped happening.....kinda have to believe them.
    I'm not addicted, I just have nothing better to do.
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    I'm sure the outposts will miss you. It's not that hard to climb up the ranks all the weak players just pull down the flags from the stronger players and then flee.
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    Please add me to that list. I tried several times this week to raid, and I lost too many due to crashing. I have an iPad so I guess that's the problem (even though my other games don't crash). Now that it's costing me gas and cycle points I'm done too!
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    I don't have that problem on my laptop but it has a wired ethernet internet connection. I do get the Reconnecting message when I'm on my phone.
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    @eb23 how much RAM do you have on your tablet? I had an old LG with 1GB that crashed constantly. I bought a new Samsung tablet with 3GB (thanks @SlickRick) and it has never crashed even once.
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    iPhone 6 w/ 64 The issue u have is the flaw in the game design that does not resume the raid in the event of a disconnect.
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    Wish I had a dollar fro Everytime somebody posted they were done with outposts lmao
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    Wish I had a dime for each troll posting just to mock someone with a legitimate complaint. Lmao.
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    I had quit Outposts because of the same problem but since I bought myself a new tablet (Android 6.0) I don't get disconnection issues.
    Having a phone with 4gb of RAM, I also recently put the game on there and it runs as sweet as a nut!
    So - back to playing Outposts again :)
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    Agreed. But while it may be true that the disconnect only occurs on certain devices, NG has been aware of this problem for some time and could lessen the impact by making it so the disconnect doesn't cause the raid to fail.
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    iPhone 6; never had any problems apart from when my wifi is out of range or my signal is bad
  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    @eb23. I'd have more money lol
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    << This is a Google issue, isn't NG fail >>

    No it isn't. NG has failed to implement a message buffer to enable players to make a few moves without each move having to be synced with the NG servers each time before next move can occur. Each time the server is unable to cope with high load, they claim a disconnect due to the Internet connection. But I tracked traffic with a proxy service and it isn't the Internet connection that fails but lack of response from the server. SYN packets go out, no SYN/ACK or no ACK returns... The app then throws some error probably instead of buffering and retrying later while allowing the player to continue in the meanwhile :(
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    ... But true, simple and very low packet loss can augment the issue up to being unplayable. Simply bad error handling in the app as you won't see this behaviour in any other app or browser. Coding for dummies 101
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    Ovidmikel said:

    Wish I had a dollar fro Everytime somebody posted they were done with outposts lmao

    Tried them out for the first month and I was done with them. Haven't played them since. Just another way to steer us into acquiring more survivors to fill the slots ($) and upgrade them to make sure they can guard your stuff ($) otherwise you'll be robbed ($), and gotta fill the pit ($) and upgrade your walkers ($) then upgrade the pit ($) then upgrade the walkers again ($). It's a monetization sidebar, solely designed to absorb our resources and cause us to open the wallet. The rewards, beyond the ego-fulfilling leaderboard, are an almost negligible in-game currency. A waste of time.
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    Disconnects are a part of mobile life. NG should do a better job of handling a common networking problem. This is not simply fixed by dollars in device, this is provider and location and Cell tower density (mobile devices connected to certain towers). Can you imagine that tower trying to handle millions of Pokemon Go requests and your connection gets dropped because of it?

    It happens, NG is responsible for making a usable game, not expect us to design perfect internet connections for wireless devices.

  • eb23eb23 Member Posts: 25
    Thank you for the response, oldgoth
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