A Question About Something Written in a Closed Thread "Hero Token Value =/= Survivor Token Value"

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A thread on posting here every time you get 2 or 8 tokens on a 15 radio call was closed and @Teeceezy wrote the statement "Hero token value =/= survivor token value." I'm pretty sure the literal translation is hero token value does not equal survivor token value but can Teeceezy explain what that means. I think I know what he's saying but I'm hoping him or another dev can elaborate on that. No guessing please.


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    I just got this out of a 15 radio call...after collecting for some days. That´s exactly what I wasn´t looking for :|

    If I would been after that I had taken the 10 radio call...

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    Pretty sure the 15 call feature is supposed to guarantee at least 3 stars,.. From where I'm looking maggies value looks like a definite 2 star,.. Don't really want to hear any of this hero tokens are worth more bullshit,.. If I wanted hero tokens I'd take the flaming 10 call option,.. NG sort this out
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    I'm not exactly sure how the screenshots of results have anything to do with this thread. I'm asking a question on what someone wrote not post your radio pull results here. @Teeceezy any chance you could answer this before this thread gets derailed with posts of people with unhappy results?
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    Hero tokens are more valuable than class tokens which is why they don't scale the same way when using Radio Phones.
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    If people want 15 calls that means they want rare and above. They don't want any Heros that are uncommon or common. In future limit hero tokens to people who want them in the 10 radio call or give people rare or higher tokens for Heros from 15 calls
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    More valuable to whom, exactly? The majority of players saw them as a fun toy but aren't interested in treating them like collectors items. Right now, they're just dragging the game down by sucking resources better used elsewhere.
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    I have used 240 radios over the past 2 days, and the result, was 2 Abraham tokens. With that result, even when theres meant to be a hero event on, how in hell, can I even manage to get even one hero? I could live to 100 (I'm 35), and with this luck, I still won't have any heroes apart from Daryl. This is insane, and Ng seriously need to sort the situation out.:(

    Been looking into a few other games to get into with some of my mates. I very much doubt I'll play twd, much longer, unless Ng change things for the better, very quickly.:( Not impressed.:(
  • timmyaaeh1timmyaaeh1 Member Posts: 51

    I make a very valid complaint, and it gets removed from the chat. why? I have put a lot of time and money into this game, and so have others. and this is how Ng treat us? won't even answer our questions, or fix the problems they created?
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    I personally have NO interest in the heroes as they are at the moment - I cringe when I get hero tokens in my hard earned 15 radio call. Good suggestion in making it a separate roll entirely.
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    I agree, I really like the event sometime ago on increase chances of Hunter class.
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    Teeceezy said:

    Hero tokens are more valuable than class tokens which is why they don't scale the same way when using Radio Phones.

    We could honestly use an explanation here. In what way are hero tokens more valuable? The whole point of this thread is that we, the people doing the valuing, consider them less valuable. Is there some crazy update coming out which will make those heroes worth using?

    There's also the basic point that a radio call which guarantees 3 stars and above should provide 3 stars and above. At the very least we should get a warning in-game that this guarantee excludes heroes.
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    I'd think that the fact that heroes are actual characters from the series would make them very much want-to-have survivors, and thus more valuable. To me a hero already *feels* legendary even at one star.

    And heroes are a work in progress. It has been mentioned by developers on several occations now that the heroes part of the game will be fleshed out significantly in coming updates. All in it's time I guess.
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    Cool. But in the meantime, they're substandard and we're getting less than we're promised when we do a radio call for guaranteed 3 star or more.
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    "I'm stuck in forum prison, and time keeps draggin' on"
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    Let's look at the history of development and extrapolate how hero tokens are more valuable. Everything in the game will be nerfed except heroes so that they will become highly sought after and a must have for those interested in challenging the limits...
    With that, I'm taking a break from the forums. I am intrinsically a cynic, and coming here has really fed that. It's not healthy. This community is great, thank you all.
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    @Teeceezy & @Shteevie & the rest of NG or whoever was behind the decision to remove the 2 and 8 token cards from the 15 radio call it was a long time coming but thank you for removing the 2 and 8 token hero cards from the deck. Now with it being a minimum of a 16 token hero card you have only made them 2 times as valuable which is a lot more reasonable than 16 times as valuable.

    It was also a nice surprise that this decision was made in between updates and not making us wait any longer.
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    Thanks for the feedback @Shut_Up. We heard you guys on the matter and wanted to act quickly.
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    On a side note: I would like to ask people to tag @Shut_Up in posts more often? It lightens the mood as I'm reading through all of the posts on the forum! ;)
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    Hero tokens are more valuable than class tokens which is why they don't scale the same way when using Radio Phones
    - Teeceezy

    The only supporting evidence to back this statement is that it costs more radios overall to acquire them, and that the TG shop charges more per token than for standard classes. They are only more valuable due to artificially created shortages.

    In practice hero tokens are worth far less. The supporting evidence for this is that you have to pay more for less (cost of resources for return) less utility (there is only ever 1 character in your roster that can utilize them, once unlocked which brings us to the third point:) and there is a large initial investment in hero tokens before you can even begin applying them to upgrade the hero! (in this regard, the standard class tokens have a huge head start on hero tokens.)
  • Japes87Japes87 Member Posts: 1,399
    If the hero tokens are considered more valuable than class tokens , you should be able to swap them for class tokens if the current heroes aren't your thing. This would make everyone happy , I know that if I received 128 Maggie tokens , I'd quite happily trade them for 128 hunter tokens
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