Any data on 10-phone calls ?



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    Shhhhh!!! Best to keep your Secrets then :joy:
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  • VerbaubVerbaub Member Posts: 650
    I have found the 10-radio calls to be pretty useless.
    I'm sticking with 15-radio calls.
  • I just did my 2nd call of this event and no Michonne but I found my 1st batch of Bitch-Nuts:

  • R2runfastR2runfast Member Posts: 332
    Did NG increase the chances of getting tokens during this event or is the game the exact same as before?
  • ggbatsggbats Member Posts: 210
    I naively thought that Daryl day would give me some Daryl tokens in the 10 hero slot to upgrade his silent shot cause Im not sure its working. Daryl showed up once with 2 tokens! I made 4 calls and got 64 warrior tokens, 32 scout, and 8 bruiser tokens, so my Daryl day sucked! Maybe I should try for Daryl on Michonne day?
  • la_ll64la_ll64 Member Posts: 61
    I got 128 Daryl tokens and 8 Glenn tokens for 3 - 10phone Calls on Daryl Day.
    I got 0 Michonne tokens and a legendary bruiser for 3 - 10phones calls yesterday
    Today i dont have 30 phones so i play some more (i decided Only to call 10 phones Calls IF I get 30 phones)
    * * * yes i know i sounds crazy but that me playing * * *
  • I got a 8 token 1-phone call Maggie earlier.
  • la_ll64la_ll64 Member Posts: 61
    Now i Made 3 10phone Calls and surprice surprice i got 2 Rick tokens and 2*3 uncommon survivors.
    This suck bigtime, its ok not to get 128 or even 64 hero tokens. But 2 tokens or 3 uncommon for 10 or 15 Phones is not fare.

    But i know me and IF I got 30 phones tomorrow i am going to make another 3 10phone Calls and get that excitement again.
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