Do Stars stay in guild after leave, if so stop it.

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I have a question regarding guildstars , here we go ...
So if you have 2 guilds ,and both have done their max Stars within , can the 19 members leave both and swap guild, just to do it all over again , and the Stars stay from both , ive seen top guild have many many stars above average , we have a very good guild and all over 300 + , total we got almost 7ooo stars , but top guild has Lets say 12000 stars , if math is right they must do 20 man x 600 stars each within one guild? Can you swap guild and do it again or not? Id like to try it out but not sure if its a bug or cheat ? Are they just that good within one guild , they must be fighting lvl 40 walkers , with lvl 19 men !! Id like to know , leaderboard right now dont make sence to me or others.? Thx


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    to answer your question, swapping members from one guild to another will not work. once the challenge starts (monday) the members are set for that challenge. if you quit while the challenge is active, you will lose your earned stars and it will show a negative sign if you switched to another guild. also, if you leave before the challenge ends, you will lose the amount of stars you contributed to the overall guild stars. so your ways of switching members will not work.
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    Ok thx , but 10k stars on 20 man , will have to get 500 Per member , thats amazing to do .
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    Smokk, they earn 100+ on repeatable (poorly designed) challenges maps. Sometimes as high as 300-400 stars on a single map. If your guild isn't interested in spending money for daily gas boosters, gold for hospital bills, and setting up teams of survivors with max luck/dodge/interrupt, you are better off not looking at the top of the leaderboards.
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    There have been a couple of screen shots in other threads, where people had 300+ just on one challenge.
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    What @lmfgunnut said. with enough money anything is possible
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    @bgbelden Do not forget about the time you have to spend. I always wonder how it is possible to do 1000+ stars with a job and a life.
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  • @Capleton True. I have more time than most being able to play on my way to work, way home, no kids and still top out at around 300 due to time and ability
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    Same here @bgbelden . I am able to play a few times at work but even that way it is impossible for me to compete.
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    Yeah sorry @Smokk
    Next Games made a point to make limitations back in January's update for guild swapping. That was happening before...where you could do stars and leave, go to another guild and do more...nada anymore.
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    I switched during the middle of this challenge. The 120 stars followed me, my next reward was the same. Only the new stars i earned showed up in the progress bar of the new guild.
    Hope that helps.
  • nickc25nickc25 Member Posts: 309
    Smokk said:

    Ok thx , but 10k stars on 20 man , will have to get 500 Per member , thats amazing to do .

    @Smokk I'm on 425 this challenge, there will probably be people with double my score though
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