15 radio call get 2 token heroes

How is it when doing a 15 radio call I can get a 2 token hero?? How is that fair in any way? I see people posting about getting legendary heroes, so there must be 3 star versions of heroes as well right? Which should be the minimum version you would get when doing a 15 radio call.
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    Not in the land of disappointing radio calls, as I am all to aware.
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    Is it april fools agian?
    There are many posts about radio calls and heroes.

    You don't get 1,2,3,4,5* heroes when you call them. THey all start at 1* when you get enough tokens to unlock them.

    So because the tokens are not 1-5*, you can receive any value (2, 8, 32, 128, 256) from any of the radio calls.
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    My thoughts:

    Heroes are much more wanna have, for obvious reasons.

    Also, there's only one of each to be had, while one can have multiple of each other type of survivor (for instance, have 5 legendary hunters).

    So in order to have the effort in earning one hero be comparable to a multiple of other types of survivors, the tokens earned need to be less per draw on the hero type.

    Otherwise getting the heroes together would be way easier than getting, for instance, a legendary hunter team together.

    Imo it is best that getting heroes takes effort, it makes them extra special once obtained.

    Loving it.

    Oh crap, now I'm hungry for a burger.
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    Had the same..
    Crap and robbery!
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    I think the hero tokens need to the same as others. 32 and up on a 15 call. They are in no way valuable enough to make 2 tokens worth anything but 1 radio call.
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    I did 110 calls today because i upgrade Maggie.
    This was my only tokens for her.
  • ElKaputtoElKaputto Member Posts: 35
    2.picture is now my 12. call.
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    That thread is just more proof this game I like so much is doomed if NG doesn't perform a cranial-rectal extraction sometime soon.
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    Feeling the pain :(
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