Help for newby : that rate calls with phones ?

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Hello guys, I'm new to the game ( pg lvl 10 ) but I often read this forum and you have been helpful to me, thank you so much :) !
I have two questions :
that rate calls with phones? 1, 5, 15 ? I have not yet found a 3 -star with 3 good statistics :s
Where can I find a list of the best talents to class (in addition to luck :p ) ?


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    Welcome to NML! We're glad you're here. I'm not sure where you will find that info in a nice neat spot, but the consensus is that the survivor traits you will find to be most helpful are luck & dodge. You can't go wrong with those!

    Since you've been reading the forums you know that NG plans to make some adjustments to these 2 traits... I wouldn't worry much abt that if I were you bc you need to start building your team & these changes are still a ways out.

    Good Luck! (and Dodge)
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    Welcome @Raky !!!
    Lots & lots of great Info in these Forums & lots of awesome Survivors to help you along the way!!
    I would suggest just playing for fun atm!! Don't go bananas with Upgrading Weapons & Armor just yet.. Unless of course it's an amazing Trait like Wide Spread :wink:

    There's an awesome feature here in Forum.. The Search Tool Button!!
    It gives endless amounts of info!! But of course.. Lots of people here willing to answers your questions too!!

    Here are 2 Great/Awesome Links to get you started!!!
    I would even go so far as to say.. Sticky them in your Fav Links!!'s_Land_Wikia

    Have Fun!!! & Happy Killing!! :mrgreen:
    There Are No Such Things As Stupid Questions.!!
    There Are However.. Plenty of Stupid Answers!!

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    Thanks for the tips guys , is already a week that around the forums and use the "search" , just trying other opinions , especially for phones

    They are not A spammer o:)
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    DLich said:

    Let's do some quick math using 30 radios as an example.

    1 radio calls you can make 30 calls. Each call giving a minimum of 2 tokens (for retiring a survivor). That's 60 radios minimum and 30 chances to get something higher than a common.

    5 radio calls you can make 6 calls. Each call giving a minimum of 8 tokens (for retiring a survivor). That's 48 radios minimum and 6 chances of getting something higher then an uncommon (12 if you consider you get 2 to choose from each time)

    15 radio calls you can make 2 calls. Each call giving a minimum of 32 tokens (for retiring a survivor). That's 64 radios minimum and 2 chances of getting something higher than a rare (6 if you consider you get 3 to choose from each time)

    To recap

    Using 30 radios

    1 radio call 60 tokens minimum

    5 radio call 48 tokens minimum

    15 radio calls 64 tokens minimum.

    If you're looking for tokens I feel you have the best odds using 1 radio call. If you're looking for usable survivors I feel 15 radio calls are your best chances.

    At no point in time do I ever recommend using the 5 radio call option.

  • Here is a good suggestion. Earn as many radios as you can. I recommend 100 radios. From there, continuously call out for survivors. Use 15 radios per call. This will increase your chance in getting 4 to 5 star survivors. This is what I did and in 100 radios I was able to get 2 legendary survivor and 3 epic survivor :)
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