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    Shteevie said:

    I think it's safe to say that level 19 survivors were never meant to take on rec. lvl. 30 missions. That was a "holy cow" moment for me when I first saw it.

    Duly noted about minimum rarity for gold crates. These were touched for Explorations, but Challenge reward changes are up next.

    I think that some things we've already built and will continue to expand on will help ease the frustration of hunting for a specific class's gear. I hope you will agree when you see them.

    Thanks for your reply. You've been great at responding since you came aboard. You are a great credit to NG. That said, I think you may have misunderstood why I started this thread. It's not about a specific class's gear. The fact that both weapons were for Scouts was a coincidence. It's about getting Rare gear after such difficult missions. I, as well as others, feel that the reward for these missions should be Legendary, or at the very least, Epic. If there was a much better chance of getting Legendary gear after these missions, I believe many more players would continue to push to beat these maps, which equals more fuel being used, which in turn equals more gold/fuel boost purchases for NG.
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    I'm starting to notice a pattern after these level 30 missions. Same weapon, and they all share 2 of 3 traits. This is absurd!

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    Neil_J said:

    Beating level 20+ walkers should remove any rare rewards. We ought to be getting epic and legendary only for beating such high level walkers.
    Rare rewards? Not at these levels please!

    I think it needs to be your Survivor Level + x then gets epic, and then higher gets Leg

    If you have lvl 19, maybe beating RSL22 = Epic only & RSL24 = Leg. BUT they would need to scrap repeatables for this to work.
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    I hate the challenge rewards. Absolutely useless brown garbage or equally useless bruiser gear. Even with the TG crates, rare garbage..unless it's bruiser gear. RNG should be shot in the face, but it would probably wind up a body shot instead.
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