Radio's call class specific survivors

Before this update, there was a bitter reality if you were one of the unlucky souls that never got a legendary survivor out of hundreds or even thousands of radio calls made.

Now that is no longer an issue, ALL survivors are potentially legendary! However, the same random lottery method for attaining survivors and relying 100% on this mechanic to attain tokens and upgrade traits means that many sad unlucky souls will have 100's of radio's used but potentially ZERO tokens for the class they want to upgrade.

If you were allowed to choose a specific class when making a radio call, you could use your resources wisely. It's the apocalypse after all, best not to spread ourselves too thin.

Maybe the drop rates on legendary and rare survivors would need to be dropped to accommodate, but if I still can't upgrade any traits 6 months from now I will feel like there is no way to progress in the game and probably lose interest. I don't want that... I can't live without my NML fix!

Bump if you like this idea.


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