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    @Shteevie Did the ability to exchange Tomatoes to something else make it into 2.1?
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    @Shteevie Thanks for the clarification.
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    While deadlies were an exciting part of the game, with the emphasis now on charactor developement, and the with the high cost of upgrading survivors, the rewards could not justify the risk.
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    OldGoth said:

    A couple of points: @Shteevie wasn't hired for his proficiency with words. It's a surprising bonus! His actual specialty does have a very direct effect on the game you're playing.

    Deadlies: the amount of player support tickets we got due to party wipes was enough to tell us that warning players about the possible outcome doesn't work. We need to come up with some other way. An alternative we've been thinking of is gating deadlies until they're a lot further into the game, or making players purposefully unlock the feature. None of those are in the pipeline, though; it's still just another thing to consider on a very long list of things to do to improve the game.

    There is nothing else in this game that gave me the real sense of risk, with accompanying sweat and rapid heartbeat, that deadlies did. I wiped a whole team once, and would never have considered sending a ticket. I wouldn't mind clicking through five warnings if I could occasionally have that thrill back.
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    A lot of people would think differently about deadlies when they lost their team due to a connection problem. Weeks, Months of building the team, and losing thru a bug is no fun.

    The deadlies were a good idea at the time, I don't miss them.
    I was suprised NG didnt bring them back by allowing to pay for the lost survivors. Other games handle it that way.

    Other issues and new content of the game is much more important IMHO than trying to relive the thrill we once had.
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    Loosing stuff for real and permanently is not an option I need in a game.
    Got plenty of that irl.
    At the time they scrapped the option I was working on the connected achievement, and was duly compensated accordingly (along with everyone else).
    I've moved on.

    The memorial needs dealing with though.
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    Good idea. Hospital for 24hrs sounds really cool.
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    I asked this question before but didnt get any answer to it yet..

    When upgrading the rarity of a survivor i want too choose what the next trait will be!

    Is there anything on the table that takes away the randomness?
    We want more power to deceide what we do with our hard earned currencies!
    U will notice that no one will go for the new silly traits introduced in the latest update;)
    If i spend 250 tokens to make my survivor legendary i want to choose what the final trait will be, or i end up with a legendary that turns out to be not so legendary at all!

    Thats my main concern actually.

    Hope i finally get an answer..

    Compliments on your introduction piece,
    Hope u know where u got yourself into;)
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    locbuck said:

    I think choosing the traits is a bit op, but it would be nice to have a greyed out preview of what the next one will be. Would also be nice to pick which trait we want to upgrade rather than having to do them in order.

    Agree with both of these.
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    @blynknz @Amiga No, make them dead as a door nail. Make it real. That's what made them exciting and worth a better reward (even if the reward wasn't really that much better). Make it super duper obvious to see and people need to click agree to do them. No one has to do these missions. It's a choice.

    Having the option of some high cost gold resurrection may be good, but why have the memorial in a zombie apocalypse, if people don't die or have the possibility of dieing.
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    @SgtSalami, ulimately I agree. I think there should be deadlies. If they can fix any potential errors that could cause people to lose when they time out, then they should ultimately bring them back.

    But they need to increase the rewards for them as well.
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    Shteevie said:

    The philosophy behind the Luck changes is to make the game fairer for everyone, and to cause the least amount of hard feelings in the process. Of course, some will be upset. We could make Luck better and some would be upset. We thought that, with the first plan [no more stacking] that players would move their gear to other characters and 'spread the luck around'. Since that idea didn't go over well here, we went to a new plan that still allows stacking, so that you can keep your team build the way it is.

    So, what is the plan? I hope it is not lowering percentage of it on both survivor and weapon - it would be more stupid and opposite of your saying that it will allow more builds.

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    but 2.1 will be released today or tomorrow?
  • PR0DJPR0DJ Member Posts: 834
    FOX said:

    but 2.1 will be released today or tomorrow?

    you will know it when boosters will disappear from the shop (they removing them 24h before release)
  • Rick_ZKRick_ZK Member Posts: 296
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    Probably next week. Could also be Thursday.
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    Man I never even did deadly missions I thought they might be too hard. I started playing in March or April.
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    I died once :) By stupidity
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    Lost 2 legendaries on deadlies back in March when I started the game and until present day I haven't got another leg from phones or upgrade. I don't regret a thing, I would play deadlies again as they were the first that motivated me to come to the forum and learn the game mechanics. Plus, they were the ones that made a big difference between this game and the others.
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    @OldGoth With respect, regarding the phone nerf, please read most of the threads in this forum for the past two months or more. There has been a substantial and vivid decrease in phone drops, both at the wall and in crates (frequency and amounts), that everyone has noticed. The timing and purpose gave us an "ah-ha" moment when they became monetized. Make 'em rare, make 'em even more needed, then charge the moon for 'em. For the first six months of play I regularly received a minimum of 150 radios per week. Remember, back when one could actually pull an epic or legendary survivour, despite the abysmal "luck" one needed to do so? At least I had a quantity of phones to try again. Back then one could find some small degree of satisfaction with the lottery. Now, not only has the content/quality of the radio pulls been reduced to laughable results, but the rarity of phones, and their insultingly high cost, has made it a more than dissatisfying aspect to the game I used to love. If there were no "nerf" then why are people screaming about them? Why would there be a need for an "increased chance of radios" event. This drastic reduction, I'm certain, was carefully, intentionally and masterfully crafted at the highest levels. It is now, as I'm sure was part of the design from the get-go, a cornerstone of the monetization here, so please, don't insult me and claim that NG knows nothing about a "phone nerf."
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    @Shteevie -- any follow up on the new guild reward structure, and what will happen to our stored guild reward crates??
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    Sorry I missed the question about survivor traits and upgrading.
    Allowing the player to pick traits sounds deterministic - that is, if the playerbase had an opinion about what the best build was, everyone would build towards that, and therefore the chances of variety among builds and the possibility that someone does well with builds other than the commonly-accepted "best build" also decrease. It devolves into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    You might think that seeing the preview of the next trait would help - you could see that the survivor would not be getting the trait you want them to have, and therefore you could scrap them and spend the tokens leveling another one up. But this is really just "kicking the can" and moving the moment of disappointment down the timeline. Instead of hoping for trait X and not getting it, you have the task of working to unlock the previewed trait X and then being sad that trait X+1 is not the one you wanted. In both cases, the presupposition of "this random event screwed me" exists, and overshadows the fact that your survivor did, by definition, get better as part of the upgrade.

    In every case, we want the players to be excited about making radio calls either because they could receive something cool in the call itself, or can use the tokens to upgrade someone. Our goal now is to increase the satisfaction you will have with the calls you make, and hopefully let the additional content we are also making encourage you to upgrade your existing roster of characters.

    This is a long-winded way of saying that I'm not sure that these suggestions would be good for the game in the long run, but I will as always bring up the idea to the team. If we like it and decide to act on it, it will be something we add to the backlog and i wouldn't expect to see it in the next update or two.

    I will add that we all agree that seeing what the heroes are capable of before you unlock them will add relevance to the collecting of hero tokens, and that we're adding several ways to make unlocking and upgrading heroes a lot easier. these will have the additional effect of making survivor upgrading easier, as well.

    [Wow, I can really ramble]

    @OneLessTitan : Okay, I followed this though conversations with several people, down to finding an old exploit that was fixed last year. It appears that yes, the contents of the crates will change. So if you want the rewards that are in those crates now, you should open them now. I know this might not be the answer you are looking for, but it's what I think are the facts of the matter. See my later post on this issue.
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    @Shteevie - the only reason I have to doubt that statement is what happened the last time the reward payments were changed; all of our stored rewards were converted to the new payout structure (and I detailed my thoughts on how this was coded earlier in the thread). Just trying to confirm that there has been a change to how this worked the other time we got a reward structure change. As long as support knows we sought an answer prior to the update, and they are willing to deal with any issues that arise, I guess it doesn't really matter.
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    so no more TGs for Rewards in Challenges? None at all? Just Phones? Hmmmm...
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  • OneLessTitanOneLessTitan Member Posts: 1,273
    @rgerkman -- not sure how the structure will work...been trying to get an answer so we can make an informed decision about what to do with our stored crates.
  • rgerkmanrgerkman Member Posts: 2,465
    Yes. Thank You!! @OneLessTitan
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