Which one to keep? Please, help.

I have 3 warriors and I don't know which one to keep. Please, help me.


  • DuckDuck Member Posts: 119
    Sarah. And hoping the fifth trait is luck!
  • KaiserKaiser Member Posts: 60
    Welp, not the second one for sure. Maybe upgrade the first one and see what traits u get since luck is a really desirable trait, and then decide between 3 and 1
  • mcbkhicksmcbkhicks Member Posts: 686
    it depends if ya want tp spend alot of time upgrading then keep #1 if not keep #2 & hope for luck.. when i get warriors i look for... retaliate is a must..luck for sure... dodge then bullet dodge strong or power strike... then whatever after.. imo any melee without retaliate is useless hope this helps some... but out of ur 3 id keep #2 maybe #3 to hope for retaliate
  • WraithWraith Member Posts: 19
    too early to worry about it. I'd level both the epics but not spend tokens to upgrade. Look for one that has better traits later.

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