New survivor... FLAMETHROWER!

How about a New survivor class the Flame Thrower!!

Obviously it would look awesome seeing your survivor spray walkers and enemies with fire.

Make it an aoe/area attack similar in damage to the assault class.

The walkers you hit catch fire. Besides the initial damage from the original shot also add a damage over time effect. Each turn because the walker is on fire it loses more hp.

Since the walkers are now on fire they also deal damage to survivors if you get too close. So be careful using melee team.

Make it happen.


  • MizTyMizTy Member Posts: 1,335
    My melee team is already begging for flame resistant armor B)
  • Bloodmoonwolf85Bloodmoonwolf85 Member Posts: 116
    Or better yet give me a character with the skill to plant land mines. This would be useful during raids when you got walkers coming up behind you. Now that would be cool.
  • ADAWWGADAWWG Member Posts: 3
    That would be pretty cool. Was also thinking survivors that throw grenades
  • ccmbarnesccmbarnes Member Posts: 14
    All good ideas. I like the grenades but they should be limited and maybe need to be collected like cell phones.
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