Gas from cinema not being added

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A few players in my guild are having a problem with the gas being added. It seems to only occur when the next gallon of gas timer is less than a minute? Is anyone else having this problem as well? I haven't had it happen but attest 2 maybe 3 of my guild members have experienced this?!? Any ideas?? Thank you


  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,695
    By the time they open it the gas is already added to the tank. If they still see this as a issue, have them take a screenshot of it before opening crates and after.
  • dulinquartersdulinquarters Member Posts: 481
    ok I will have them take a screen shot Thank you
  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
    I think it's a visual big. When they change screens or game pages or whatever you want to cal it, it refreshes with the right gas count. I could be wrong but let them know to check.
  • dulinquartersdulinquarters Member Posts: 481
    Thank you! I bet you are correct. I will tell her this! THANKS!!
  • WalkerBait_308WalkerBait_308 Member Posts: 30
    This happens to me regularly. I found that if I return to camp immediately after and collect XP, supplies or TGs, the gas counter changes to correct amount as soon as I do so.
  • WalkerBait_308WalkerBait_308 Member Posts: 30
    wtf???? I simply shared my experience and what I found to be a quick fix for it and you disagree? The only reason I even bothered to reply is because it doesn't work for me to change screens. The gas doesn't add back until I actually collect something or kill a walker at the camp. As soon as I do, I can see the gas being added. This happens to me at least once weekly. And I'm on Android for anyone who may search this question in the future.
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