Radio tower - nerf or upgrade??

Radio tower allows usage of 1, 5, or 15 radios to "improve" odds of getting rare or better survivors. It also puts a limit on the maximum starting level of said survivors. Before the update, you could only use 1 radio at a time, but levels weren't capped.

Is the option to use more radios for guaranteed rare really worth the imposed max level cap and 15 radio used? If you use 1 radio at a time, you were at least rewarded by xp if you dont like what you got. With 15, you only get 1 to turn down. Is the probability of using 15 radios at once to get a legendary increased? Only the devs know the real %. Till then, how about we post our 15x results.

Post what level your radio tower, amount radio used, the rarity of the survivor, what level survivor received, and max level the survivor can be.
R.T. lvl 5
15x radios
Lvl 4/11

Preferably only 15x Radio use


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    Seems to be another discussion about radio survivor drops.
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    It's a nerf. Max level > number of stars. PERIOD.
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    Major nerf. Before I found 3 legendaries with max levels of 16. NOW, the maximum level I have found is 12. I rejected a legendary I found because quite simply, he would be obsolete very soon and I don't want to waste the XP leveling him up from 3 to 12.

    270k supplies and 15 hours to upgrade radio tower to next level? Nah, I'll just keep using the same survivors that are max level 15/16 for a long time before I waste any time and supplies upgrading that dumpster fire.

    I used 2x15 and got two max level 12 rares. I probably found better survivors using the 30x1 route. Heck, even the recent legendary I found was off of the 1 radio use variety. Wasting 15 radios for 1 chance at a low max level survivor and I'll probably just find a rare bruiser anyways. I'll keep doing the 1 radio variety so I get more chances at good survivors of a useful class. Scouts and Bruisers are just completely useless to me.
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