Norman Reedus

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You guys think I'm crazy because I don't watch the show. I did something else you guys will probably think is crazy. I went to Comic-con in Chicago and my friends and I saw a variety of cool sci-fi people. And Norman Reedus was there. and I didn't see him. There wasn't time.
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    Agreed....your crazy!
    MizTy[Deleted User]rgerkman_wendy_
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    Just letting you guys know that I was thinking about you.
  • DaleDale Member Posts: 1,122
    If I had had an opportunity to speak with him, I would have mentioned our feelings about NG. Don't really have anything else to say to the guy.
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    He likes playing Candy Crush & loves to ride Motorcycles .. Just two other things you can talk to him about lol :wink:
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    He is also into erotic art.
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