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    @Shteevie Of course stationary ranged defenders will still shoot if they spot something. Thats why I have put them far away behind high fence so that they wouldnt harm raiding team like mad dogs that got loose. Unless they were begging to be bitten and want to go to hospital for some time.
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    Why don't you allow us high level players, who tanked our influence, the ability to close out of our outposts? Would solve some issues. . And make people who hate outposts happy.
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    Healing Time is not the issue. If you are a paying customer then 3x26 Gold for reducing the healing time is the problem.
    It's nearly 50 cent (with best bundle) and this is way to expensive. I'm not gonna pay 5 Euro per day to do 10 Raids where I am
    fighting against pink ladies.Make it 3 Gold for full injury and people will go for it.
    (I don't need an answer on that as I know that NG does not discuss economy things).

    By the way, it would be good if you could add the number of pink stars visible before someone starts the raid.
    Or make the class not yellow/gold but pink then.
    Remember to use your charge abilities
    Gunny_Highwayant[Deleted User]
  • acbacb Member Posts: 54
    Vudnik said:

    My entire A-team, lvl 19 legendary with lvl 22 weapons/armour are in the hospital, for nearly 3 hours, after losing a fight against lvl 16,17 rare and epic only defenders.

    I'm raiding quite often, 19 leg against 19 leg and better. I just fail to understand how a loss can happen.
    Did you use the wrong strategy? Not consider the opponents traits? (like all attackers getting hit by a single retaliate...)
    Or was it a bug? (I had once a level 12 opponent, which got less than 100 damage from level 19 attackers...)
    Why did you not use the emergency exit in time? (I see that happen to others on my defense log, too. All 3 attackers dead before getting to the crate in my lake outpost - which has the crate in the open...)
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    Yup, the changes to the outpost are as bad as I thought they would be. No more raids for me. Is there a way to deactivate them?
    gespuer[Deleted User]Annette578
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    @acb Are you serious? You fail to understand how a loss can happen? Really? And then you question my strategy? What do you know of my strategies?

    Did you not know that you can't see your opponents traits, only the type and level (colour) of their weapons and their survivour level?

    Yes, it's a bug, and more than one. The entire foundation of the outpost is flawed, even the NG staff acknowledge much of this. It's why they keep updating and changing. They aren't done repairing yet, by far. You should read more of these posts.

    If you mean "flee" as opposed to "emergency exit", yes, I use it all the time, when I'm faced with the ridiculous rural map #3, going up against a faulty AI that allows for inferior opponents to eradicate my superior team. Again, read more of these posts.

    I simply have no more time or desire to continue with this reply.
    DeadBeatGrimGael[Deleted User]Annette578
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    Vudnik said:

    Wall of Text

    -Any set of changes is made with an expectation of how players will react to the new ruleset or reward structure. We increased rewards here to incentivize increased play. We said from the outset that this proposed solution requires engagement from the players, and that we will be collecting feedback and data.

    We drastically underestimated the number of players that were looking to play counterintuitively, and the impact that this would have on the experiences of others. Future changes to the system will be made when possible to make sure that this kind of play no longer negatively impacts the population as a whole.

    I look forward to those posters who are willing to give constructive feedback and play in good faith. Those are the kinds of users that we will always welcome with open arms and ears.
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    Please note: Development is a fluid process, and suggestions and implementation take time and iteration. Any discussion of future features, deadlines, updates, balance changes, and such should be considered prospective and subject to change.
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    @Shteevie i previously mentioned i would like to have 2 things - 1. Reduced hospital time, and 2. Increased rewards

    But in fact I'd be glad with just #1 being addressed and i know you already said there are plans to reduce it. If you can reduce it to say just 10 minutes per survivor, making it around 30 minutes of total hospital time, I'll be satisfied and grateful for the improvement :smile:

    Edit: sorry i forgot heal time do not stack up to 3, all 3 heal all at the same time my bad :)
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    @acb even with all my 3 survivor won and alive, they still goin to have a long 2hr nap in the hospital as seen from my screenshot in page 7 last post.
  • Rick_ZKRick_ZK Member Posts: 296
    So my take of things:
    1. Some changes will be made in 2.2 to make outposts more playable.
    2. In the meantime you want us to continue to play until 2.2 and putting our team in hospital all the time and wait or preferably to you pay gold so you can get play data.
    3. When players don't comply with 2 and tank influence or what you call it they are considered bad players ruining outposts for everyone.

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    JackBauerVudnik[Deleted User]Annette578
  • MarsOneMarsOne Member Posts: 65
    While I appreciate where you are coming from, but when you say "We drastically underestimated the number of players that were looking to play counterintuitively" you are implying your playerbase is directly responsible avoiding engaging in your broken mechanics. Nice #blamedodge.
    How long has Luck/Dodge/Bullet/Stunned retaliation plagued your pvp system now without being properly addressed.
    Before you go putting that on your players, perhaps you should refresh yourself on your bug reports.
    Vudnik[Deleted User][Deleted User]Annette578
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,580
    @MarsOne Like I'm sure you're aware, they're getting fixed. Both the bugs and imbalanced traits.
    Amiga[Deleted User]
  • MarsOneMarsOne Member Posts: 65
    Cheers Teeceezy, I have read as such over the last three months. Was simply making a point at a developer blaming the players for playing counter intuitively.
    [Deleted User]Annette578
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
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    I'm sure enough has been posted here. NG known the problem and I'm sure we will see improvement with update 2.2.
    Now it's all depends on players - if they want play Outpost or not.
    Stay tuned @Shteevie and @Teeceezy
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  • acbacb Member Posts: 54
    Vudnik said:

    @acb Are you serious? You fail to understand how a loss can happen?

    @Vudnik: No, I wanted to know how your A-team with level 19 legendaries lost against lower level opponents, because this has not happened to me and probably never will. If you don't want to tell, fine. But please understand, that the problems you have with Outposts are not the same as mine. Let's hope that the Devs have the same problems as you, so they get fixed.
  • MarsOneMarsOne Member Posts: 65
    @acb I too have had my behind handed to me. My raiders are level 16, I have had skewed matches where the level 12 defenders have dodged most shots, and not to mention retaliate when stunned.
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,580
    I wouldn't call it finger-pointing or blame @MarsOne. Unexpected player behaviour underlines the need for taking more aspects in to account when balancing features. That's nobody's fault explicitly.
  • Rick_ZKRick_ZK Member Posts: 296
    I hope your balancing features for your precious outposts doesn't destroy challenges and story modes. But I bet it will.
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    because i had tomatoes on eyes
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,580
    @Gunny_Highway what you're looking for is here: Moved to General Discussion. :)
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    I hope next games reads the threads. This new update really doesn't work. I thought I'd be the only one but apparently way more people are taking time out to write about it. I've never lost so much influence ever since this new update. What's worst is, as a lvl 12-13 survivor my chances are really slim to win a blind outpost. Even after my big effort to move from 11 to 13, i'm still no match for this update. It really sucks and i'm not attacking anymore in the hopes that I don't do damage to my influence since higher do it to me every 7 hours. This update sucks, big step but not helpful at all.
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    -Trust me - we're here all day. We'll definitely be comparing the influence spread before and after the changes, and use the data to improve matchmaking by making it more about comparable power and less about influence.
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    Please note: Development is a fluid process, and suggestions and implementation take time and iteration. Any discussion of future features, deadlines, updates, balance changes, and such should be considered prospective and subject to change.
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    You do not deserve this @Shteevie @Teeceezy and your team at NG. I am not into Game Creation but I am into another field that's Creative in nature. Our creations are like our babies, literally and figuratively. No one wants to see their babies chopped to pieces while you, we - everyone here - witness it. You do not deserve that experience. Players do not also deserve this flood of negativity that I can almost literally inhale in these fora. You're working to create something that is good and the creative process in itself feels really good, nothing like it. Players are into the game to play, to have fun. But reading all these posts, I sense strong burden instead. Insults hurled in all directions, from all directions. This place has become toxic. No wonder most people do not go here.

    Where is the bottleneck? Where is the problem? Who's responsible? For most part, the creators. We cannot blame those who have found ways to adapt to our creations. The responsibility is in the creator. Why? because you created it. You must not lost sight of that because if you start looking outward, you are looking to the wrong direction. Look within.

    Feedback from Noone, from Nowhere: Because great responsibility is expected of the creator, (s)he/they should be very careful with their creations. I read "unexpected player behavior." You did not foresee that. Then, maybe, the problem is in planning because if there is excellent planning, there is excellent foresight. It is very easy to foresee that in blind match-ups players will deliberately lower their ratings to get weaker opponents, to win while evading hospital time, and to get the desired TG which are now the most important commodity in-game.

    I don't know what's happening in there, in your offices. But I can only say this: do not rush. I sense a sense of urgency in your statements for another update. Do not rush into changing aspects of the game that you might only reverse in the future. Pilot it, Beta-test as much as you need to, hire many people to test-play if you have to but do not rush the Roll-out. No one's asking you to come running with something new, only to be busted. It's impact is negative to both to the buster and the busted. Anger weakens the human immune system. In short, plan hard, test hard, do not let other hands hold your babies if they are not yet supposed to be held. People will only hurt it and, who wants to hurt babies
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    Yeah this is Toxic I couldn't give a crap Outposts are not fun not enjoyable not fair not designed right just a whole bag of crap whoever thought it was a good idea with the update need to go look in the mirror and have a chat with him/her self I won't be playing again untill the revamp the whole thing peace ✌
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    I see a lot of comments that don't state personal insults at the devs but harsh words about their actions and not making it personal. Too bad some people take everything personally when clearly they are talking about actions and not character.

    I'm curious about a few smaller things that could have been done to enrich the outpost experience and promote more outpost play that don't require massive changes to outposts and having ripple effects on the rest of the game.

    1) I would love to be able to swap my outpost survivors while choosing the survivors to take on the mission. I think this is a change that no one would get upset over and can only be a positive.

    2) While it is very nice to be able to buy some new things in the trade shop especially the tokens but the overall token economy has yet to be addressed. I know there are talks and analytics going on with the tokens and hero week and there needs to be a long but unecessary in company debate on these changes but a good thing to go along this super cycle event would have bee to give better value for the TG during the event. 8 survivor class tokens could have been 10-16 for 600 TG during the event. Even a bump just to 10 would probably have had a huge effect on players as it went from single digit tokens to double digit tokens. This is like how something like a car is priced at 9,995 instead of 10,000. It would also give you more date to crunch and compare to tokens bought after the event.

    3) I wish we could gift or trade items within our guild. While guilds are not exactly part of outposts, the outpost is about TG and influence and using that TG to buy crates and the chance that crate may have something useless to me but may benefit a member of my guild.

    4) Some people are big on analytics and stats. Too bad in our profile page it doesn't separate the raiders killed in challenges from the raiders killed in outposts. It also doesn't count raiders killed on outpost defense. While not earth shattering it is another cant hurt kind of change.

    I have no doubt a lot of hard work went into the outposts changes by the staff but it looks like what their goals are and how to get to those goals are not meshing as intended at all.
  • Do not sanitize. Call it what it is: insult.
  • It is very difficult for an artist/creator to feel nothing when someone's abrasive about his art/creation. This is because the creator puts everything into the creation, he gives all he's got - philosophy, ethics, life experiences, character...a creation is deeply connected to the creator. Some of the comments here have been expressed harshly, totally abandoning sensitivity and civility. These styles of expression hinder rather than usher constructive dialogue. But the most significant damage and, some may not even realize this every time they post vitriolic, they weaken the power of the forum as a platform for feedback, consensus and resolution of issues.
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