Outpost Attacks

One should be able to attack the same person who attacked you, while you were away from the game. Not just a random innocent!


  • capper1970capper1970 Member Posts: 2
    The new system sucks! I got stuck attacking a level 17 outpost with a level 14 team. I was moped up before I got past the walkers! This is bull shit!

  • malcolmmalcolm Member Posts: 29
    Should be able to attack a weaker Outpost knowing that it's weaker Outpost for Less supplies or anything. I know there's people not playing the game and they should be able to be attacked if they're not upgrading their Outpost I should be able to dominate them. Everytime raid I get someone who's super maxed out in the pits and has Legendary Legendary Legendary level 19 19 19 it's just really super frustrating. It's just not fun
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