Having trouble getting through a specific Outpost setting


am I the only one who has problems getting through this specific layout for the defenders? For the most part I now only encounter this setting with varying survivors when I am playing Outpost. Usually a bruiser is defending in the first defense line, which makes it even worse for me to get through.
Regardless of what I am doing, I can't get past this way of defense. When the enemy is taking cover I am not able to apply enough damage in time and when I try to go past them they usually kill me while attempting.
Is this defense broken or am I missing something?



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    My usual tactic is to move a charged Assault near the point where Walter is standing and fire with the hopes of stunning 2 or 3 of the defenders. Then 1) pulling my own Bruiser around the first set of sand bags and again stunning Rodney (or often a Bruiser like you say) who is taking cover and 2) lining up a charged Hunters shot through Rodney into the topmost Survivor who is not under cover. After that, I'll try to move the Bruiser around to stun as much as possible while positioning my best shots. Often times though, the plan goes awry and I'm just scrambling and firing at anything that moves.
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    Admittedly, I'm always slightly amused when I read people complaining about this Rural field map. Would you believe me if I told you this is actually one of the easier maps to raid? (I suspect if you ask good outpost players like @Boruto he may say the same thing).

    Just keep in mind a few things: (A) there has become such a thing now as "pvp gear" versus "pve gear." (B). If you position one attacker that makes a defender "stand" i.e. lose cover, then all your attackers get benefit of a non-cover hit. Little known fact. (C). Stun-resist gear makes the opponent's Bruiser-defender completely useless.

    This map is only difficult for players that want to grab crate and run. Killing defenders on this map is easy, even against buffed up legendary defenders.
  • Thanks for the responds!

    Hm, then I have the feeling I am lacking gear. or at least I haven't leveled it yet. All my characters have bullet dodge, dodge and luck, which did work quite well before the new update came along. I have the feeling that these are not the most valuable stats anylonger...
    I guess I am also panicking because of the limited amount of moves you have left after opening the door.


    Yes, that is my tactic too, at least when it comes to the assault character. I am lacking a usable bruiser for the second part to work.


    I guess I have to try that out the next time. I didn't know that you can get around the enemy's cover just like that.
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    @Movado Can you elaborate a bit on PvP gear vs. PvE gear? What are the "ideal" traits for PvP? Obviously stun resistant and bulletproof on armor, but how about weapons? I know the typical "ideal" PvE weapons include gold lucky, gold class-specific trait, and silver interrupt, but are the "ideal" PvP weapons more focused on destructive traits like lethal and increased critical chance?
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    @GloriousCustard thanks for the question. I am having the same problem. I've been trying different combinations of players. I rarely succeed.

    @crambert_nec again, thank you. I had the same question.

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