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Hello everyone! I wanted to start first by saying I love the game it's a lot of fun! Right now I'm stuck and can't beat the few missions I have left in nightmare and hard mode which is fine because I don't mind playing exploration missions. My issue is the fact that I only have the option to play the ones that are either level 12-14 recommended which yield crappy weapons, or to play the ones that are at level 18 recommended and I don't want to risk my survivors playing the deadly trying to find weapons I can use. My sister also plays and her exploration missions in the Black Forest are level 15 recommended! Does anyone know why my exploration missions are harder and at which level recommended yields level 14 equipment?

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  • JAGJAG Member Posts: 291
    I'm not at Black Forest nor lvl 14, but I've finished ep 2-3 in Hard. On those ep I haven't started the Nightmare and I noticed that in that state I have no exploratory missions available. Do you get exploratory for Nightmare?

    I also believe that before I finish a normal episode level, I can take unlimited food runs in it. But once I do claim the episode reward they are limited. The episode before the open one is also available, but in previous episodes the food runs are gone, leaving only XP and deadlies. That would imply that it's based on how many times I did that mission, rather than a fixed level cap.

    I don't think the difficulty level raises per try, as it does on Weekly challenge, but it may be varying a bit on random. If you finish a "lvl 14 recommended" maybe it gets lvl 15 next @Megan?
  • MeganMegan Member Posts: 5
    The exploration missions go away in the lower episodes once you beat them in regular mode.

    I've beaten all episodes but Black Forest in hard/nightmare mode, and haven't beaten episodes 11 and 12 in nightmare mode.
    There are only exploration missions available in Black Forest hard mode, and in the Descent nightmare mode for me.
    The exploration missions in the Descent nightmare mode range from level 12-14 recommended, and you can play them as many times as you want and they just reappear.
    The ones in the Descent also change recommended level after you play them but never get higher than level 14 or lower than level 12.
    The exploration missions in Black Forest are at level 18 recommended and can also be played as many times as you want, however they don't change recommended level after playing them, they stay at level 18.
    I know it's different for everyone since my sisters exploration missions in the Black Forest hard mode are at level 15 recommended, just not sure why mine are at level 18!
  • JAGJAG Member Posts: 291
    What @tembel suggests matches the guess from another thread.
    Check that comment and the two following @Megan.
  • MeganMegan Member Posts: 5
    Yes @tembel I got a level 18 survivor from beating a mission in Black Forest hard mode. I agree with you that this is the reason. Thanks so much! I guess I'll just have to play guild until we can start leveling up level 15 equipment!
  • JAGJAG Member Posts: 291
    @Megan what happens if you retire the lvl18 survivor? Will the recommended lvl go down then?
    Oh, I guess that experiment sounded more interesting to me than it did to you. Nevermind... :-)
  • MizifuuMizifuu Member Posts: 62
    How much food reward does it give a food exploration mission with your lvl18?

  • tembeltembel Member Posts: 132
    yes, significantly better. i was doing it since last week, i got great stuff, most of them i cant use but really great.
    like :
    15 lv leg, scout weapon.
    17 lv leg shooter weapon
    16-17 lv epic weapons and armors.

    good to be prepared for next update :)

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  • tembeltembel Member Posts: 132
    i used 2 hunters and 1 shooter for that mission. they all have dodge and damage reduction. used shooter to open the gate. after gate opens it gets really hard to escape, they were all heavily damaged :) i hope you can pass.

    Play to Slay. Slay to live yet one more day. Daily players. On and killing walkers as often as we can.

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