Different xp level up for same level survivors?

Hey y'all. I have a question about upgrading survivors. Yara and Judith are both lvl 14 legendary hunters, but their cost in upgrade are different. Why is this? Is this based on their traitlevel?

I got Judith as a legendary before the remove of level cap, and Yara as an Epic after the level cap and leveled her up from there.


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    Yara has perfect traits. I would level her up first. You guessed right on the cost variance.
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    A bit off topic, but both of those survivors (especially Yara) have an amazing set of traits. Congrats!
  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308
    Thanks @NCDawgFan for the insight :)

    And yeah @JayZ thanks mate. Figured they were good, but nice to hear they're perfect with traits ;)
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    But why is this closed? Can a mod shine a light to why one takes more xp than the other and why?
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    @GreySeer , welcome to the forum! The thread isn't closed, it's been moved to strategy. If it was closed, no one would be able to post.

    As for the discrepancies, it's most likely due to the pre 1.9 level cap. The survivors that were previously capped the xp needed to upgrade was less.

    Here is an old thread of it.

    I thought it was fixed. Are your survivors natural legendary or upgraded legendary?
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    @zbot Thanks for the reply :)

    Judith was natural legendary and Yara was epic after the 1.9 and upgraded to legendary before 2.1 .

    But is it due to traits? Because they both have luck, so that can't be the case right?
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    @GreySeer ,no it's not the traits but the level cap. Do you remember what the initial level of Yara was when you first got her? Her max level would be initial level plus 8.
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    @zbot I know she was epic at, I think level 9, but maybe it was 8. But no less. (Deleted the original screencap, but that should be around here at the forums)
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    @GreySeer , based on that Yara's max level under the old system would have been 16/17. What about Judith?
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    @zbot Judith was optained during the legendary weekend at max 12. But I held into her even when the rest started to surpass her :) But she was 12 max, i'm sure
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    @GreySeer , now I'm stumped, normally it should be reversed since Judith's max was lower than Yara's. If you want you can contact support to see if they can shed additional light on this issue.
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    I knew something was weird about this xD

    How can I contact support? Do you have an @ or an email?
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,676
    In the game: click settings (gear icon), click help, click contact us (if you don't see contact us, click on one of the FAQs to see the answer and it should show up).
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    @zbot I can't seem to track an Faq related to this? (Soz, you have been really helpful till now :) )
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    @GreySeer , there's no FAQ on this topic, if you don't see the button contact us, click on any of the FAQs to see the answer and contact us button should show up. You just write to them what your issue is and include any screenshots that may help.
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    @GreySeer, yara is beautiful. Absolutely perfect traits. Can you hit the train button and take a screenshot so I can see what you are talking aboutm
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    @GreySeer, also you can go down to the bottom of this page and there is a contract us option.
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    We have been wondering about the costs in our guild for a while but couldn't identify a sure pattern.

    Take the heroes for example:
    To train from 16 to 17
    2-star Maggie: 425k / 9h
    3-star Glenn: 444k / 12:30h
    4-star Daryl: 444k / 12:30h
    1-star Jesus: 425k / 9h

    So maybe 1 and 2 star heroes cost the same and 3 and 4 star cost the same? That would make sense to me in a way.

    Now my legendaries (all of them never had upgraded traits, only promoted or always been legendary):
    A, former epic: 463k / 16:15h (I have an epic with the same upgrade costs and time, too)
    B (new): 467k / 17h
    C, former epic: 467k
    D (old): 474k

    Then I have some old epics who never had upgraided any traits, one is 472k / 17h, the other is 467k / 17h - can't recall the caps of these.

    I can't remember any of the old caps so I can't comment on that, but I know that I have old survivors that cost more to upgrade than new ones and I never had one that had a cap higher than 17, maybe even only 16.

    If support can shed any light on the issue, we'd love to know. ;)
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  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308
    Haven't hard back from support yet, Let you know

    @tinytuna007 You can see the difference in the first screenshot I posten ;)

    @Jaden Your legendaries also differ. But are they the same class? Because that usually differs
  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308
    Still waiting for an answer to this (in game). What's taking so long?
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,676
    @GreySeer , it may not be an an easy question to answer since not everyone is having the issue.

    But for now I would follow Oldgoth's suggestion and enjoy the lower upgrade costs.
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