Healing in outpost raids????

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I have started watching very close. Each round I look at the enemy toon very close. I just ran a raid where I saw nothing strange about the first toon I took out. The second toon had 127 hp left when I hit him for 126 points of damage. Bad luck you say? Maybe. I had been hitting for much more but I let it go. So next hit I don't even look because he's going down right? WRONG. Not only does he not go down but after I see he is still standing I find him with 257 hp???????? So finally get him down and it's not over. The last guy has 157 hp and my last guy does 156 PFS of damage. Can I be that unlucky???

I will be watching more closely but I am sure the healing thing has happened multiple times. I was looking at health bar color only and seen it go red the back green. Is this a bug? A feature? Or what?


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    Thanks for the report. Moved to bugs for now.
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    Ok it has done it again today. Moved in on a lower leveled team and took to beating the crap out of them with my bruisers. Singled out their shooter first. Had him down to 59 hp. Landed a critical attack for 318 PFS of damage and watched his life bar fill up and go from red to green. Quick look showed him at 352 out of 432 hp.
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    @Nomadsland , just wanted to confirm that it's not the 2nd life bar that you are seeing? All survivors have 2 life bars.
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    Ok I did not know this. Why are their 2 life bars? Are both visible or is 1 visible till its gone and then the other shows up?

    Why do games now never have guides and such lol
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    This was introduced before outposts as attackers have an advantage. The regular one is green, the 2nd bar is red. It's only visible after the first bar is gone, so the minimum attacks to kill a survivor is 2. Issue resolved and closed.

    There is a wiki it's still useful but a little out of date.
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