Problem with Gifts

Really getting ticked off with people wasting their money on gifts for the recipiants to get nothing from them.

My last ten gifts recived in no paticular order and take into consideration im fully leveld up player

5 x food when my food full for weeks despite using the trade goods exchange
2 x fuel whilst on a booster again wasted
Level 17 weapon (what use is that im level 19)
Level 17 armour (see above)
Level 20 Armour

Anyone esle have these same issues as when people are paying REAL Money on these gifts how many are actually recceiving anything.

Ideally if your full on something or on a booster these should be excluded from the gift pool, a workaround could be a selection of 2/3 gifts to pick then you can avoid getting conned.


  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    We always tell our guild members not to buy gifts
    Keep the gold and do something useful with it
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