How to use Bruisers effectively?

At the moment I don't use Bruisers, despite having a legendary one and an Epic one, just because I cant find much use for them. I throw them ahead of my team to tank hits and they just end up getting destroyed, their attack blows and the only really useful thing they can do is go in the middle of a crowd and use Smash. But in terms of crowd control and taking out walkers, why not use a Hunter, which, with Large Caliber, can take out at least 4 walkers in one shot regularly, and at times 6! So I ask you people, how can I use my Bruisers?


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    i didnt know bruiser still exist...hmm :expressionless:
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    Bruisers have unfortunately become a failure of all the survivor classes, with unfulfilled potential. The idea of bruisers being a tank for the team is a myth. Best practical tank in game?...A properly geared Assault. Maybe someday the bruiser class will be tweaked for improvement.
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    I still believe that one day NG will fix the bruisers and make them worth again.

    For example let them be able to stun fatties.
    Remember to use your charge abilities
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    Stun the target using bruiser then kick his balls...
    I love my bruiser ;) 3k+ HP....
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    I have one bruiser. She's a level 19 legendary. She's more or less on permanent guard duty in my outpost.
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    My Raid teams usually consists of a Bruiser or two. The key is upgrading the Bruiser weapon with the concussion trait. Having a Bruiser able to stun someone for 2-3 turns is pretty valuable IMO.

    I usually use them v. Armored walkers. Sure they won't kill them but stunning one of them for multiple turns gives you attack options.

    I also like to use them to protect my 2 other survivors via overwatch. For instance if I have an Assault shooting at multiple targets, I'll have the Bruiser stand by their side in overwatch mode. I do this because running into a crowd will obviously open them up to damage. If you let the walker(s) come to you, you have a better chance at stunning one and the others unable to reach you. Space management is key I guess.

    Also, yes it would be nice if they could stun fatties.
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    Gosh! I'm still shocked after a search in google images about "how to use bruiser"... :o There is a dildo or something with the same name!! Not for a rodent of course!!!
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    Oh.. About the question... Bruisers are very effectives. I always haveone at the outpost and imo obe bruiser is perfect while fighting saviors.
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    I have 2 bruisers with double stun weapons at a choke point in my outpost. They do a great job of defending my tg crate. They aren't beat often and usually its by a ranged weapon team. I also take a double stun on my raids, he's 1st thru the gate and disables 1 or 2 fighters right off the "bat", lol
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    Nthing the opinion that bruisers have found their home in raiding and defense. A single bruiser with a concussionized weapon can juggle 2 targets indefinitely. Also I take one when I expect to deal with an armored walker so that I can deal with it effectively without a fighting withdrawl. An additional bonus to bruisers is that they are not gear-dependant. It is not critically important to have the latest level of gear for one to remain 'relevant' as long as their bat has been upgraded into concussion, he can get away with sporting a l2 nerf bat.

    Also, following up his charge attack with an uncharged assault spread, or a pair of hunters/warriors is brutal.

    P.S. don't miss out on Morgan's staff next time it comes up. Then you can juggle up to 6 targets indefinitely if the planets align.
  • MovadoMovado Member Posts: 863
    My raiders/defenders all have 100% stun-resist gear. I find opponent Bruisers to be utterly harmless.
  • DCBMETDCBMET Member Posts: 392
    Most raiders do not seem to. I will gladly take a loss from you and get 2 wins from chobs.
  • FelioFelio Member Posts: 102
    Right now, my legendary bruiser with epic weapon does not kill an even-level walker in an overwatch attack. It'd be a lot easier to charge up his smash if it did.
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