Survivor Stats?

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Can you please add a button so when you open it it has a bunch of stats such as number of zombies and saviors killed, number of times the survivor has died, how many quests/raids has the survivor done, ect. Unless there is already a button I'm completely oblivious to. Feel free to add some of the other things you would want to be able to see! Thanks!


  • FunGamingTrashFunGamingTrash Member Posts: 174
    Oh and add a list of all the survivors and you can choose what order you want them in like most kills, then line them up from most to least kills. Add stuff like most walkers/saviors kill, most deaths, most missions, most damage, most defense, ect.
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    @Shteevie any chance of getting access to these stats?
    Jerry Dixon
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    I don't know that our event collection works in a way where we could report these after the fact. If we had a feature like this ready to turn on right now, it might not have any data about anything that happened beforehand.

    But, it could be fun and/or easy, so I'll ask about it. Safe to assume it's more difficult than it appears unless I report back otherwise.
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