Purple-on-purple violence; Turn limit change

MovadoMovado Member Posts: 863

Sometimes we click that "Raid" button and realize it won't be taking candy from a baby. It's going to be a big showdown. The 7-turn limit is very constraining particularly with so much 'cover' that Outposts already have. I believe more Turns (not Time) is needed for the engagement.

This game is structured to have us evolve/promote/level our survivors. Yet, the 7-turn limit has not shifted with this dynamic as players evolve their toons. I know this has been brought up before, but is there any chance of future increase in turns? Or has this matter been put to rest and won't change?


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  • Great suggestion @Movado !

  • LgrattLgratt Member Posts: 77
    @Movado did you win ?
  • BorutoBoruto Member Posts: 1,118

    Great suggestion. I also ran into many raids when I ran out of turns especially facing all 7 star defenders.
  • SynapseRangerSynapseRanger Member Posts: 233
    That's a really good suggestion. Awesome survivors btw.
    Good luck, dumbass
  • InspTurbinesInspTurbines Member Posts: 706
    @Movado, All I can say is Whoa! Quite the awesome line up! I agree with you on the turn issue.

    Even with my lowly crew, it is hard to accomplish a complete raid against some of the outpost configurations.
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