Which Assault should i keep?

I like to have 2 on hand, I'm keeping Janice and Jill, however i cant decide what to do about Henry and Regina, I have put a lot of XPs into henry and I have enough slots to keep 1 of them, I'd like his tokens tho too, Any suggestions?
Many thanks!!!

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  • WraithWraith Member Posts: 19
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    Jill looks the best of this group, but you want someone with luck and dodge bullets too eventually.

  • KelvSGKelvSG Member Posts: 277
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    i would ditch Janice to be honest. at your current lvl, i doubt u do alot of outpost raiding ? then bullet dodge isnt really useful for u. Not to mention she has both most useless trait in V and DS. Since u havent lvl her up yet, i would take her 256 token and promote Jill.
  • Marie__GagaMarie__Gaga Member Posts: 145
    edited October 2016 Accepted Answer
    Ditch Henry. =)

    Keep Janice till you find someone better. We don't know how exactly luck will change in future updates, so better don't ditch too many. Playing with three assaults is fun though and could earn you three extra stars.


  • soggybottomssoggybottoms Member Posts: 151
    edited October 2016
    Thanks @Wraith, That is what has me torn. Henry has the investment but she has the luck. I guess i want someone to confirm "ditch Henry" lol. I suppose I could ditch henry and janice and upgrade Jill to legendary, she is close to upgrade. Thoughts???
  • soggybottomssoggybottoms Member Posts: 151
    Thank u to all of you! I did get Jill up to Legendary, still sitting on the others until i get the courage to make a final decision. I think i will keep 3, could b fun! :smiley:
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