Episode 11-6 Hard mode - one successful strategy

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Here is one successful strategy to E11-6 Hard mode. I'm sure there are several suitable combos and strategies, maybe explained here earlier.

I tried several lv15 AOE-combos, like hunter-assault-warrior, but quickly realized that everyone should be durable - AOE-skill is not enough. So I put assault-assault-bruiser in that special order from left to right. On the right door, there are often only two zombies while the left door often five.

First I tried to clear my path first, no luck. It was just too slow going. Then I tried to help NPC and kill fat guys (and the flood) in the up and middle. This tactic worked in normal mode well, or at least it worked :) But in hard mode, no luck.

The strategy of this mission is very straightforward :D

A) Open all three doors as quickly as possible 1 char for each
Send 1 char toward every door. The right char can reach a door in 1st round unless there is no zombies jamming the route.

Focus to getting to doors and take hits. There should be no struggle in the beginning and chars might stay in green condition during the whole mission.

Follow the spawn round meter on the bottom below. With careful planning and depending on the situation, it is still possible to manage it also *after* spawn.

On the right, an AOE-char can help another, depending in which route zombies are jamming. If help is not needed, head to Exit with that char.

After opening all doors there is no need to rescue NPC. It automagically moves to Exit. Just forget fatters and the whole herd in up and middle of the screen.

B) RUN to Exit
Only one obvious tip :) RUN to Exit. Check routes carefully before moving if any character can give AOE support to others, meaning shooting the route to Exit clearer.

Naturally zombies might interrupt your route. It's depending to take risk or not. I took several :)

I was a bit disappointed that there was no end reward :) At least now I know that E12 Nightmare mode starts with lv19 survivors ;)

Hope this helps and if not, just ask more :)
- Sabrina, lv60 LVT (Life-TIme Profit), Elder of Suomikilta I-V -


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    nice strategy mate. but wrong category :)

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    @tembel Thnx a lot! Changed the discussion to the right area:)
    - Sabrina, lv60 LVT (Life-TIme Profit), Elder of Suomikilta I-V -
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