Does the extra scout radio call include an increased chance of Glenn tokens?

I need Glenn tokens but I don't want more scouts. I want to know whether it's worth it in my situation.
Good luck, dumbass

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  • General_QuatreGeneral_Quatre Member Posts: 990
    Heh. I ignore all "increased chance for _____" calls, and just did a normal 15-radio call (my only today) and got a Legendary Scout. :D
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    Epic warrior today, 3rd in a row, all female. October is officially Valkyrie month.
  • DarkstarDarkstar Member Posts: 12
    Maybe I shouldn't say this, oh what the hell

    I don't put much stock in these increased chance calls either, but thought, yeah, I could use another scout.

    Make call, no scout.

    But got a 128 Glenn :p
  • SynapseRangerSynapseRanger Member Posts: 233
    You got 128 Glenn tokens from one call?! The most tokens I've got in one call is 32 Jesus tokens. @Darkstar
    Good luck, dumbass
  • Black_JackBlack_Jack Member Posts: 278
    I used this option and got 128 Jesus tokens, then had 5 radios left and got a leg assault with perfect traits :)
  • Tapatio75Tapatio75 Member Posts: 636
    Made a regular 15 and got an epic scout, but I already have 3 legs so I got me 32 Maggies
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    I once even got 256 Glenn tokens. It's possible. But most of the times I get 32 hero tokens now (used to be 8 before they removed that).

    I never had any luck with the “increased chance of...“ calls, though, so I don't do them anymore...
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  • MarsOneMarsOne Member Posts: 65
    This was my pull. Not complaining :)
  • SlayerSectSlayerSect Member Posts: 634
    I did 4X increased scout calls.

    2 Scouts Rare, 1 Assault rare, 1 shooter epic.

    Scrapped all.

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  • pandolyronpandolyron Member Posts: 15
    edited October 2016
    Same there!
  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    My guild mate got 15 radios back after contacting support about the level 1 scout
  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    I got a 1 star scout in a scout call
    I sent it off to support

  • RocketmanRocketman Member Posts: 227
    Damn it, I got a one star too but never thought to take a screenshot. I just came on the forum to see if it happened to anyone else.
  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    Got my 15 phones back from support this morning for the 1 star scout in my pull
    Did another 15 scout call, got two rare scouts in that call
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