Stunned Players in outpost still dodge bullets

biffleybiffley Member Posts: 44
This was on an outpost raid. I stunned the other player's defender (can't recall class) with one survivor, then shot with another survivor in the same round. The stunned player dodged the shot. Seems like that makes stun rather worthless if it really has no effect.


  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    Very very common and known issue ;)))
    Incoming update 2.2 has cure on it...
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  • dirtyred92dirtyred92 Member Posts: 15
    Happens all the time!!! And I want to throw my phone when it does lol BS
  • rgerkmanrgerkman Member Posts: 2,465
    It's even more fun when they are stunned & then move & fire at you or hit you with a bat!! :confused: :joy:
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