Pre-Update (2.2) Discussion Thread



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    Hope to wake up to an update! WoooooHooooo.... I'm so excited :p
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    OhhhhEmmmmGeeeee. .. you are totally onto something there. But I just can't "Agree" to the outfit not being TWD/show related.

    I'm thinking Lori's Dream Sequence Outfit
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    DoTak said:

    The wrestler trait should at least come with a wrestling outfit, complete with mask and feather boa

    I'd rather it come with a trench coat, face paint and a bat.
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    Can we get free (or almost free) outfits? Seriously, I like outfits but I have much better thangs to do with my gold than Accessorize. But I do really want outfits. So you need to do sumthang about the fact that I don't have any. Plz & Ty.

    And @tammy wants shoes

    Make it so!
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    Suggestion Have you considered option to upgrade stars on weapons and armor like we can do for survivors? Also how about walkers around camp carrying weapons we can pick up? One last thing upgrade costs are way to much. I just talked to one of my guild members today who wants to quit because of high upgrade and training costs. Thank you John Otter (aka Wardens in game) Leader of Guild Carl4Governor
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    MizTy said:


    OhhhhEmmmmGeeeee. .. you are totally onto something there. But I just can't "Agree" to the outfit not being TWD/show related.

    I'm thinking Lori's Dream Sequence Outfit

    ? pic please
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    MizTy said:

    You guys really don't like the idea of NG improving the crappy traits? You can't just remove them from the game without causing massive disruption to something, right?

    How could NG improve the crappy traits to make them a more viable strategy (keeping in mind that removing them probably isn't an option....) I truly am curious as to what you come up with

    If I had the option to replace defensive stance with anything else, even vigilant, I would - especially on my ranged survivors. Granted it might be useful in one situation or another but I can't help but feel disappointed if I unlock defensive stance as the fith trait on my shooter.

    It might be useful in some combinations like paired with vigilant when playing defensive style and being surrounded or against humans... But still... Does it at least work for all attacks and damage in that one round? I don't even know, I normally play offensive...

    What would make these traits better? Maybe higher percentages... I don't know, I don't want them and don't care for them.
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    @MizTy thank you for reemphasizing the importance of this!!

    @Teeceezy @OldGoth @AllTheDevs

    I do fashion...steampunk style...please let me help develop an awesome post apocalyptic wardrobe for our survivors!! :wink:

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    Perhaps the good folks need an inspiration?
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    Sting is the new bruiser? Badass. Lmao
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    Jaden said:

    Neat, but what about Defensive Stance? It needs a serious rework too, right? ;)

    Rework as in “removing and replacing with an actually useful trait“?

    Well, in fact i've got a easy fix if it can't be removed from the code for some reason.
    It's still a damage reductor but works even after attack as long as you don't move (defensive opposite to Power Strike you might say). That way it'll be much more usefull for melee survivors in tough combat situations (outposts!). Waddya think? :)
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    In game maintenance warning! <3 :smiley:
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    .....It's coming.... I feel it!!
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    still no maintenance mode here
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    Soon my friend... soon ;) keep calm and brace yourself # :blush:
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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa update notes!!!!!
    Love U @Teeceezy :wink:
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    Wow wow wow

    Can I say just..
    AWESOME?? - AWESOME then!
    But honestly you made amazing piece of work there in Finland ;)))
    This is another dimension of the game.
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    Wow I'm am so excited! Sounds so awesome!
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    Season 7 missions looks cool! Could this mean a tough choice between challenge or 7 missions? Or maybe the Mon/Tue gets along nicely for those.
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    Easier to find and pick heros and survivors from the select mission team screen........

    Thank you!

    I sense a season 7 update 2.2 free gift coming.

    Correction easier to find heros not heros and survivors but any improvement in finding them when selecting who to take on a mission is good.
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    Jesus this looks amazing
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    Hope it's not only for heroes..
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    Combat speed memory: +1
    Less gas on challenge & scavenge: +1
    No gas crates on booster: +1
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    I sense a shift of focus to heroes more now than before.
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    There is no word about no more crates with gas.. More like no lose;))) which is mean will stuck up :heart:

    "- No more lost Gas rewards while under the effect of a Gas Booster."

    Maintance is live ;)

    How long maintenance will take?
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    @Amiga On Facebook they said an hour or a bit more.
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