Level 20 survivor

I was just attacked by a level 20, how can that be possible?


  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,541
    someone spent gold to rush things...

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  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872

    LOL, good one :D
  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    @Tapatio75 I be leave that outposts are completely ruined they must have nerfed everything but the defenders
  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    I have been raiding for a couple hours now for TG's only
    I have not had any issues yet
    Raids don't seem any more difficult today so far

    But maybe my camp level being level 48 and my A team being level 17 gets me better matches?
    Don't know, just throwing out info
  • BorutoBoruto Member Posts: 1,118

    Nice to see you again.
  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    @Boruto it was short lived lol I'm thru for sho . I thought I'd check out this amazing new update only to find out luck nerf interior nerf lol Ive been raiding outposts when I log in a along and after the update its worse than before lol. Good to hear from you too
  • Tapatio75Tapatio75 Member Posts: 636
    I guess it was too good to be true, I rarely raid and I did it yesterday and epic survivors killed my legendary A team in one round, kinda nasty
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