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My counsel did not get it,s plus one level ......before you say yes it did I have level 18 characters what level counsel is required,.? There you see I had level 18 before the update and my counsel is still level
.17 ......? I remember I had to upgrade my counsel one level to be eligible for my next training camp level thus that one level should have happened with the update Please explain


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    @Wiseoldgamer , please post a screenshot of your camp and council. Building upgrades are dependent on Player level not survivor level.
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    How do I post the screen shot ? My camp is level 45 and the counsel says I am able to up grade it says nothing such as you must be level 46 to make this upgrade
  • WiseoldgamerWiseoldgamer Member Posts: 32
    It says in order to upgrade my trading grounds my counsel needs level 18 it is 17 now maybe it was 16 before the update but I doubt it ....would no make sense to have to upgrade your counsel twice
  • WiseoldgamerWiseoldgamer Member Posts: 32
    Thanks for the quick response I will post screen shot when I can once again amazed at the response time about your awesome
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    Judging by your post it seems like you expected a direct councilupgrade.

    But the 'Council +1' meens that when you have a council at 19 (which was the maximum before the update), you are now able to upgrade it to 20 with your own resources.

    'Council +1' is not a gift by the game.
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    Ohhhh got it thanks now I understand. Darn. Thought it was a free upgrade
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    Thanks for clearing that up @GreySeer. Closing this.
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