What determines the relative position of survivors at the beginning of an oupost raid?

I notice that after the update, the position of my survivors has changed from A B C to C A B. Might not seem important, but my bruiser is now on point and I preferred having him bringing up the rear. There a way to control their relative position at the start of the raid?


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    I've noticed they differ depending on where the map starts you (at least this was in 2.1 days)

    All exploration stsrt you on the left vertically so it's always the same.

    Outposts start you on the bottom typically which is a different order.

    Challenges vary. Sometimes on the left or bottom but also sometimes on the right (like that fire walker mission last week)

    I never paid close enough attention to map they exact location in order but I as well noticed a difference.

    The lead survivor sometimes started in the middle, left or right but in exploration it was always in the same spot. Hope that helps

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