Post-Update 2.2 Discussion Thread

Let's discuss 2.2 and keep it on topic this time. Thank you.


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    On topic. Final warning.
    I love the game,.. I criticise a lot,.. I appreciate the good,.. And battle the bad


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  • edwin64edwin64 Member Posts: 84
    Hi I bought 3 bundles so far . only due to the 100% interupt trait. . how can I ask for a refund now that what I spent money for is not what is anymore.
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    @edwin64 please contact support here.
  • edwin64edwin64 Member Posts: 84
    thanks . By the way most of the update is great .. I love new graphics and new traits. i m looking forward to see mon days évent.
    only one other thing i don t said in clarifications just before update the lvl will not be in thé update. because it was a great deal....and the made lvl 20 available right after that .. what happended ?
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    Top8dog in that matter I am sure 100% it was a bug, recurent one, so next time when we'll see it and every time from now on we Will know its a bug that poor thing suffers uncontrolled.I really feel and I sincerly believe that and NG Will for sure confirm this common sense hypothesis.
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    I do have something I'd like to adress. When I do the Equipement Scavenger mission on Hard Mode half the gear I get dropped is level 16 and 17.

    But my survivors are 15 or lower. And I have not upgraded the Traininggrounds, so 15 is their max. I thought that Equipement was based on your survivor level? Or is this a bug?
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    I'd like the old RF Outpost layouts back. The new layouts make them harder, in my opinion. At least at 5000+ influence, people known how to setup their defenders properly.
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    edwin64 said:

    you said in clarifications just before update the lvl will not be in thé update.

    -Originally, when I made the claim, it was not intended to be included. We will be working hard to add the next step of council development. 20 is the last level that we planned for when the game launched. There may not be another council update until 2017.
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    Update over all is good. The new layout is better. More user friendly. Can you let us know about our memorial. Can we do more with it. Like add fighters retired with their status? It has a level. But does not survive a purpose anymore. Can it track our weekly mission star and kill counts etc. Amount of times we died, etc. I also noticed the skull was gone? Why?
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    @tammy before you submit a ticket you may want to look at the response I received :flushed:

    It's honestly pointless writing what the community feels or thinks on this forum.

    Has no one realized that all the nerfs/changes made on the game have been made based on community comments and videos?!? Those things intended to help the community base, the devs have used to "improve" the game and increase its longevity.
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    Personally, I'm picking TG up from outposts at a muchly increased rate than ever before (more, faster - not higher amounts per outpost). Killing some defenders, sparing some if they don't block me off........ ;)
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    Have walkers always ingnored stunned saviors or is this a new feature? At least stunned hunter on Woodbury challence map didn't get attacked by two walkers that moved right next to him.
  • PiterluisPiterluis Member Posts: 27
    Yes, there are (minor) bugs, but, in my opinion, they don't make the game unplayable. I have tried until now all the possible modes but the show chapter special, and I could play them completely without any problem. Me and everyone from my guild.

    I could say something more: we (people from my guild) have been talking a lot while we are discovering all new things on this update, and yes... There are a few things we could dislike, but generally, the opinions are good.

    What I want to say: thank you very much for the big effort you did on this update. And thanks to give us the opportunity to play more without spend real money. You decreased the challenge missions gas cost a lot!!

    In my opinion, new version really gives more positive things then negative, and makes the gameplay better. Yes... Interrupt trait now gives no kind of confidence. My God... If really disassembled a lot of stuff just because the weapon didn't have that trait, but... I like new interface and all new things on game. Positive things win.

    Now the doubts/negative points:

    1. I am not sure if it is about new version or it was already on game... But I used to obtain often epic and legendary equipment from golden chests. Now is almost impossible... Maximum, high level stuff with class rare or uncommon. Why no lower level with class epic or legendary? I don't understand this at all... :)

    2. I find scavenger screens too repetitive... We really play them a lot of times... And the number of different ones is indirectly proportional.

    3. I could say the same with possible survivors faces... When I do calls, I get almost always the same faces. And, regarding faces, I recently bought the Rick clothing. I tried to use it with one of my survivor but result was totally unreal. It is not important... Maybe stupid ( :smiley: ), but, it does not happen only with one face survivor. If I post a couple of images, could you check this small and non important graphic mistake?

    4. I think I read about it and maybe you planned to do something about it... I find the two types of scavenger missions with no real differences about prize chests after complete them. Can we expect some development here soon or do we have to wait until next update?

    Now something like doubts:

    5. What is about with Daryl crossbow? Aren't you going to give us the opportunity to have one better, or with higher level? I really don't want to give a rifle to Daryl to go to any mission... :wink:

    6. I could say/ask the same about Lucille... If Negan is coming, maybe he will bring another one...

    Nothing more for now... I go to enjoy a little bit more your really nice game. Thanks again for it.
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    I love the smaller increments to the next challenge reward level! Seriously, this is a game changer in the most positive way. Thank you for that NG.

    PS. How's it looking up there in the Big Leagues? Anyone figure out how high the rewards go yet?
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    TG shop - gold crate
    I'm happy with it ;)
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  • Very nice @Amiga ... Congrats!

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    @DoTak that strange feeling is called learned helplessness. The answer is that there is no answer. Do anything. The objective was to smash everything with a hammer and study the pieces, rather than apply incremental changes and study the effects. There is no appropriate response to that. If this were an isolated incident, it would be different, but although this one seems to be the biggest, it is very much consistent.
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    Is it just me or are we unable to see more than 1 page of this thread?
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