Any chance for further modifications on Outpost layouts?

I don't generally complain about hospital time as it comes with the territory of raiding, but, the current skimpy layouts seem like a direct way of pushing more hospital & gold on the players in a blatant way. Yes, raiding seems easier now overall due to luck/dodge changes, but extended hospital time is now very hard to avoid even if using good strategy, positioning, etc.

It all boils down to removing much of the "cover" on the maps. Sure, less cover for defenders too, but defenders don't have hospital time after.

It would be good to have some middle-ground in the layout maps where it's not buried in cover, but not a glaring lack thereof either.

**(Part of my perspective is also because I keep getting matched-up with similar people like this. I can usually still complete all objectives, but of course I suffer heavy casualties of war, and my raiders are on a first-name basis with hospital nurses now due to the increased visits & deaths)**

P.S. This opponent has some real rockstars with 9-stars defenders, wow, very nice.

Even if I win, I now suffer heavy casualties of war without prevalent cover available (which makes the actual strategy of raiding less important now):

Once again, I don't mind hospital time per se, which is fine, but I cannot help but feel the current maps are blatantly pushing EXTRA hospital/gold at the disregard of strategic positioning in raiding efforts....


  • KaiserKaiser Member Posts: 60
    All those stars, i'm getting dizzy! Jokes aside, i agree with everything you said. Changes to luck benefited attackers but most people are still running rural map 3(including me) and there is no cover for attackers at all so hospital time is a guarantee. Hope something gets changed soon.
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    We will be looking to adjust maps more down the road. These will probably stay in place for a couple of months.

    Right now, planning for the next update or two is going on, and we are looking to implement some adjustments based on the learnings from 2.1.
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