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    jester said:

    I simply listed all 32 in-game traits and how they were affected by the update.

    And considering it took you a couple of goes to make sure you had all the traits and what was affected, how are low/mid level players meant to have any idea.
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    The wiki?
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    I love it when the SmartPeople break it down for me (again, I am *not* being sarcastic! ), but I am still unclear on the math.

    TeeCee broke down the math for dodge somewhere where it showed max dodge going from 60% to whatever it was (49?). But isn't that bc Dodge is a dual trait (in his example he had 2 sources of luck & 2 sources of dodge). So in the New Math dodge got a great big nerf.

    But is this also the case with luck based traits that only have one source? I'm not sure. (That's why I'm asking the question)

    For example. I really like swift strike (it's just plain fun!) If I remember correctly, max swift strike is 15% and max luck is 30%. So old (pre-2.2) Math was about 45% of the time I got a 3rd AP.

    But since swift strike can only come from one source, isn't the New Math still 45%?

    So to test MizTy's Math, I used my scout with swift strike A LOT (again, no numbers involved) and it turns out she is still getting that 3rd AP a little less than half the time.

    So I guess I don't really see how traits with a single source were nerfed?
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    jester said:

    For players trying to figure out what has changed, this is what we've put together in the guild council. Please let us know if we've made any errors.

    Thanks for the list @jester. I had not seen piercing until a couple of days ago on any weapon, perhaps to offset the nerfs that were coming?

    What is interesting to me (and from how I play) is that basically anything that I used and took time to work on developing traits were in the nerfs. For instance the Top 3 in survivor is what I looked for and were the survivors I worked on leveling up, increasing with tokens etc. (With retaliate being my fourth favorite trait) A poll would be interesting, or really more of a data gathering thing to see how people rank the traits.

    I would guess with the exception of some things that were kept (arc, spread) that the main nerfs would be the ones. Oh well. But thanks again for the list.
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    @jester No flicking way!!! That's preposterous

    @Shteevie is that for real?!
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    Top8dog said:


    I really don't think he was moulding our opinions,

    @Top8dog agreed. My thoughts were based on what/how I have been playing. It just so happened that the majority of the nerfs are right in my "playing wheelhouse." In fact I had just finished upgrading a warrior weapon with gold arc and luck and working on a lower level one with same traits (even though I have many "higher" weapons with various traits, but gold arc and interrupt on a warrior weapon to me was a tremendous "get.")
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    Maybe the math wizards other knowledgeable members of the GC can help with this meme and it's repercussions...
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    My head is spinning & I might throw up if Shteevie doesn't come in here soon & "set you numbers guys straight."

    As for molding people's opinion, of course you do. And you should be proud of it. The forum number crunchers keep NG honest. I know when I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier and I'm smart enough to admit it & ask questions. I appreciate when you guys shine a light on something I don't understand....
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    I remember when one of the dev/mods wrote in the forum many months ago that luck was one of his favorite traits. It helped influence me to find weapons and survivors with luck. Im not saying jester's post influenced me but it can go both ways what staff writes can influence people.
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    @tammy yes, it appears that one party in the dialogue did not work in good faith...
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    tammy said:

    Yup...NG screwed everyone with this, including themselves...ill buy my gas each week to get stars for my guild...but from now my progress will be that of a ftp player...there is no point spending my $ to buy/upgrade stuff that has a good chance of being nerfed...

    Wallet closed :smile:


    Totally agree with your policy and hope everyone has enough sense to do the same,.. Only rational reasoning I come up with for these nerfs is that NG don't care if us regulars close the wallets cos there banking on drafting loads more mugs and expectant fans with the new series starting,.. Bless em all,... They don't know what they walking into :(
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    It's good that you @all don't use paper to write it ;)) otherwise our planet would be forest free ;)
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    Putting in a few refunds myself guys Apple go on past 3 months of them I'll let you know how I get on and to think the roll back issues was hard to take look at the games mess now
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