Working Together To Repair The Game...NML Guild Council Intent



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    edited October 2016 reading comprehension is
  • @SlickRick Please remove Conquer from the list on your original and any other posts. Thank you!
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    Updated list:

    Asylum (4 guilds/80 players)
    Blackjack n Beef (20 players)
    Breaking Deads (3 guilds/60 players)
    Carols Elite (2 guilds/40 players)
    DeadFamily (4 guilds/80 players)
    DeadStalkers (6 guilds/120 players)
    Defiance (9 guilds/180 players)
    DTP (5 guilds/102 players)
    DMZ (20 players)
    Erebus (20 players)
    Erebus2 (20 players)
    FearTheCrew (20 players)
    FearTheDead (20 players)
    Forsaken (3 guilds/60 players)
    French Squad (3 guilds/57 players)
    Funny Farm (20 players)
    German Fighters (3 guilds/50 players)
    Glennstilllives (20 players)
    Global Amazing (20 players)
    GOA (2 guilds/30 players)
    Greek Hunters (20 players)
    Jellybeanz (20 players)
    Legionaiires (2 guilds/34 players)
    Lucilles Fury (20 players)
    Lucilles Wrath (20 players)
    No Surrender (20 players)
    PNW Survivors (20 players)
    PokerNPorkchop (19 players)
    Retribution (2 guilds/35 players)
    RickRollers (4 guilds/80 players)
    Sisters of Carol (20 players)
    Sisters of Daryl (20 players)
    Sisters of Negan (20 players)
    The Cure Family (4 guilds/80 players)
    The Eh Family (9 guilds/180 players)
    The Lost Slayers (2 guilds/40 players)
    The One Force (2 guilds/28 players)
    The Watch Tower (14 guilds/270 players)
    TWD Team Up (20 players)
    Ultima Legione (6 guilds/120 players)
    Whiskey Bandits (20 players)
    Zombie AAA Slay (18 players)
    ZombieBreath (20 players)
    Zombie Bruisers (20 players)
    Zombie420 (20 players)
    75th Rangers (20 players)

    Some of these numbers may be off on the low end...working on it

    If anyone sees any adjustments that need to be made PM on here or on Line :)
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    Oh my, alas I'll never make that list. A mere guild of two.
  • @DIblis : I wouldn't call it a hissy fit... I'm just tired of the negativity. I'd rather put my energy somewhere else.
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  • The forums are toxic and not everyone enjoys them @TheLostOnes
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    I'm not a member of the Guild Council so I'm not privy to whatever internal ruckus is going on there. But I would like to say that I appreciate the presence of @WeekOne in the forums and her sunny disposition. She (and others, @rgerkman) provide a nice counter balance with their anti-angst pov. I'm sorry you're leaving the forum @WeekOne (and the other 2 players that posted their rants here & then deleted their accounts...)
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    Is there a way to delete the forum account on an Android device? Asking for a friend, lol.
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    There Are No Such Things As Stupid Questions.!!
    There Are However.. Plenty of Stupid Answers!!

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    Like the list,.. Seems the guild council is way bigger than I first thought,...
    So I'm guessing the actual player base is gonna be humongous
    In a good way :)

    Is that list stickyed anywhere it's nice to know which guilds are actually represented
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    Other players are not the enemy. I wouldn't call NG the enemy but they are definitely on one side of the battlefield and the player base is on the other and in the middle the demilitarized zone is getting really small! ;)
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    Was just wondering...

    If I owned a game, and some peeps didn't like stuff I was doing with it, and those said peeps found a way to reduce my sales because of said stuff they didn't like....would I feel inclined to listen favorably to their requests? Would I "learn my lesson" from said peeps and give them what they want?

    Or would I be totally freaking pissed that a group comes together to simultaneously cut my income, and demand I change the game in line with their idea of how it should be...

    And if I was totally pissed, how would I handle it? I think I would probably lead that group along with possibles and maybes until enough time had passed so as to allow the new players to make up the slack in that point, reasoning that most in said group are old timers, I would nerf the crap out of their long earned traits/gear, thus rendering them "paid back in full"

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    SlickRick said:

    Speculation and conspiracy theories won't solve the problem

    Action will

    But I like conspiracy theories. ;)

    Well, what action would you propose that could solve the problem?
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    masmith93 said:

    @Jaden Request a refund if you spent $.

    I've only bought the anniversary bundle and I don't think that would qualify for a refund since what was promised to come with this has been delivered.

    So my wallet has basically been closed from the beginning and when I started to consider buying stuff, 2.2 happened and yeah... not going to spend anything...
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    @jaden you can request a refund for any reason. Apple's refund policy is pretty liberal. But it's better if you're within 30 days.
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    @jester @SlickRick

    Don't you feel like we all just got spanked? And I didn't even enjoy it!!! Lmao

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    I'm on Android and I'm not sure about Google - don't think it's so easy with them (and I must admit it kind of doesn't feel right to request a refund for something that actually delivered what it promised - had I bought weapons which are now nerfed, that would be something totally different).
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