Challenge stars count bug and post release feedback

SchumiboxSchumibox Member Posts: 17
Hi NG,
My player name is schumibox ex leader of "les desosseurs" guild and now playing at French Squad, top 1 in France and top 10 world.
I'm again facing a challenge stars count issue as i'm loosing 33 right now.
I quited my last guild because of the drop of motivation of almost all my players and I was close to quit the game myself.
I'm a 47 years old all time gamer and I play since the first game console so I'm not judging your work, I know bugs are part of the game and we must do with it.
I appreciate your effort on the recent update since there are some good stuff but it really makes me sad to see how many fans (players and guilds) of the game are verry angry and demotivated right now.
I still have a lot of contacts with other guilds and saw a lot of players just try and quit the game and trust me on this you shouldn't make your faithful players that angry.
We are spending so much time in this game and for most of us a lot of money to start all over after updates like the last one. We therefore loose all the advantages and the strategies we put all our energy in to build.
We loose all the progress we made if each single time you release something means "NERF"; a so hard-won progression I must say!
Each work deserve a salary but those who contribute to this salary should also be rewarded with a product they are proud of. And right now it's not just the case.

Once again I'm not judging your choices but as I told you I'm still in touch with a lot of guilds leader and i can assure you the wish to quit the game has never been so high. What a pity...

I wish you a good day



  • SchumiboxSchumibox Member Posts: 17

    After the polemic that followed last release, I wanted to point few things that seem important to me.
    In a game like this changes are expected and even desirable. But where it's wrong and shocking is when you sell
    bundles with traits you then nerf after every single update.
    This is so wrong and you should at least warn us about a potential nerf of the gear we buy.
    What many players don't get yet (since they play for free) is the fact that those who put real money (sometime a lot of it)
    are geting what they buy being ripp out of them. it's like putting candy in some kid hand and then take it back !!!

    Also regarding the challenge stars bug this could had been handle differently. Some of us took advantage of it in the leaderboard,
    but in my humble opinion (for what it worth) you could have just freeze the count until the bug was solved.

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