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    Sorry @Morgan for loosing the chance to get interrupt back :'(

    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing the walking dead no man's land." (qtn. from George B. Shaw)
    @NCDawgFan @Bill_ZRT
    I also feel your pains with the legendary chests.
    My camp lvl 52. I've opened 13 lg boxes, only 3 of them have been 19 lvl the other 10 have been lvl 20 ! (5 of them have useless traits)
    God knows when I'll be able to use them :#
    I don't think this case related to being lucky nor unlucky.
    Could it be a bug ?

    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing the walking dead no man's land." (qtn. from George B. Shaw)
  • PiterluisPiterluis Member Posts: 27
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    Hi... because I got any answer, I want to repeat my doubts (I will cut short the beginning of the speech... post is too long!), adding some new ones I found within the comments...

    Piterluis said:

    ... In my opinion, new version really gives more positive things then negative, and makes the gameplay better. Yes... Interrupt trait now gives no kind of confidence. My God... If really disassembled a lot of stuff just because the weapon didn't have that trait, but... I like new interface and all new things on game. Positive things win.

    Now the doubts/negative points:

    1. I am not sure if it is about new version or it was already on game... But I used to obtain often epic and legendary equipment from golden chests. Now is almost impossible... Maximum, high level stuff with class rare or uncommon. Why no lower level with class epic or legendary? I don't understand this at all... :). In the whole weekend, I did not obtain any equipment epic or legendary from chests after missions... I find it impossible if we are talking about simple statistics...

    2. I find scavenger maps too repetitive... We really play them a lot of times... And the number of different ones is indirectly proportional.

    3. I could say the same with possible survivors faces... always the same faces. And, regarding faces, I recently bought the Rick clothing. I tried to use it with one of my survivor but result was totally unreal. It is not important... Maybe stupid ( :smiley: ), but, it does not happen only with one face survivor. I attach an imagen when you can see an unreal neck for some clothes...

    And this is not the only graphic mistake I found... I attach example image. I was really glad when I obtained this incredible gun machine (nowadays, one of the most powerful assault weapon), but, the result with my new 20 level survivor was... strange...What is Leroy doing with that hand? Expecting to get bullets out from gun barrel? :wink:

    4. I think I read about it and maybe you planned to do something about it... I find the two types of scavenger missions with no real differences about prize chests after complete them. Can we expect some development here soon or do we have to wait until next update?. And not only this... After I got my first 20 level survivor, I realized that logically, now normal scavanger missions are recommended for 20 level players, and for difficult option, recommended for 23 level players. THat's Ok... but... direct prize is the same! 11.000 resorces points and 5.800 Exp points in both options.

    Now something like doubts:

    5. What is about with Daryl crossbow? Aren't you going to give us the opportunity to have one better, or with higher level? I really don't want to give a rifle to Daryl to go to any mission... :wink:

    6. I could say/ask the same about Lucille... If Negan is coming, maybe he will bring another one... And related to this, Me, like a lot of people, bought different clothes from show heroes in order to use them with our survivors. But now, heroes are being unblocked with same clothes. I do not want to play with Maggie, and a weirdo who uses same Maggie clothes... :smiley:

    Nothing more for now... I go to enjoy a little bit more your really nice game. Thanks again for it.


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  • AmazaynAmazayn Member Posts: 522
    @Shteevie @Teeceezy

    about the current challenge
    -the gas cost for the challenge still increase once the stage is 100+ stars when it was only 10 gas. it shows that i need 16 gas per run. although it is much better than the previous gas cost so thank you.
    -the rewards for the star challenge was a lot better. once hitting 550 with a reward of 1k goods, the next reward is 1000 stars, but the rewards remained the same. i hope you guys make the reward system more consistent. like after 550, 600, then 660, and so forth.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
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    So after 550 stars next target is 1000?
    In my opinion gap with stars should decreasing with progress consider the difficult. At the beginning it's easy to get stars but after hitting rsl +5 every next star is nice exercise with current balance changes.
    So please create gap between stars wisely... Now it's impossible to reach.
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  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
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    Did you get between 550 and 1000 stars this challenge?

    Yeah the biggest problem right now is not that there isn't another reward between 550 stars and 1000 stars. With nerfs to interrupt and luck and changes to human opponents in the challenge I'm sure the lack of reward between 550 and 1000 isn't going to affect many if any people.

  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,580
    @Shut_Up @Amiga @Amazayn We'll be adding higher reward tiers for next weeks challenge. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
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    No I didn't even dream about 550. My feedback regarding all challenge gap between rewards. Why to push harder than 370 if it's barely possible to hit higher rewards? My target is always 370..
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  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
    That's not what you said in your first post. You didn't talk about pushing past 370 like your last post you said "so after 550 stars the next target is 1000?" Ironic that after taking stabs at people on their spending or saying people who don't like the changes are the people who want repeatables that you would post it's hard to push past 370 and what's the point. Instead of taking pot shots at people on their spending habits or repeating missions you should check out this number chain ...360...390...420.....450.....480.....510.....550.

    You can always make up the different by doing raids and grabbing flags which I see you mention in several occasions.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
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    Lo, my mentioned 550 was regarding Amazayn post..anyway - whatever.
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  • AmazaynAmazayn Member Posts: 522
    @Amiga yes, after you pass the 550 stars, the reward is 1000 tg, the next tier is 1000 stars and the reward is still 1000 tg.
  • sborgsborg Member Posts: 581
    Shteevie said:

    I've been taking Glenn on scavenging missions all weekend (since with double XP on kills, his bonus is effectively doubled as well) and I've noticed that none of my favorite maps have appeared. I've run hundreds of scavenging missions, and none of the have been these maps.

    -Known bug due to refactoring and streamlining of the map loading process. Fix comes in the optional update that should go out tomorrow.
    Those maps seem to be missing still.
  • PiterluisPiterluis Member Posts: 27
    What you told, @JumboShark , about point 2 is quite interesting. Yes... It is crazy that our survivors on overwatch uses their defense turn to attack walkers who does not have chances to touch them, instead of be ready agains the incoming human attack. Mostly now, when we have possibilty to find X-Men on the Negan army.

    I stopped to play last challenge when I lost three missions consecutively against just a couple 22 level saviors. I agree totally with the upgrade of saviors power (before 2.2, they were weak)... but I think it is really too much. Example:

    Me, with two 19 level survivors + one 20 level one 6 stars. Lets focus on this last one... about 2.100 of health points.

    A 22 Level savior. More than 5.000 points of "green" health points + another 5.000 points of "red" health point. It means... More than 10.000 life points!

    My 20 level one, when he probably reach 22 level, will have lets say, about 300 points of life points more... maybe with better equipment, about 300 points more. It means 2.700 points máximum, agains the 10.000 ones from a simple savior. I think it is too much...

    This way, here I see two mistakes. I uderstand them as mistakes. First, the question of the lost turns playing with far walkers while there are closer humans, Second, the question of the X-Men...

    Maybe you (NG people) could put out the mutant powers from them, and just give them a good equipment... Ramdomly, the could even have improved traits on it, activated or not depending of a formula with some random variable. Imagine the world of possibilities the game could give to our strategies, if we could see the activated traits on the equipment of a human, just clicking on him with the rest of info we already see...
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  • jotajota Member Posts: 62
    Poppy, great video. thanks.
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988

    Well, I will try to be constructive. ..

    Good things:

    1 Reduced dodge. IMHO, dodge is a BONUS, not a strategy. Therefore, 39% vs 60% is a good change, at least from attacking outpost pov.

    My comment on that is to remember that we always hit. If you fight walkers, you will never miss your shot. I don't believe the most accurate shooters ever would have a 100% hit rate over 1000's shots.
    So at least for the human enemies (with dodge), it adds a little more realism
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    @Poppy nice one!
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    leave here the worst and best of 2.2, we hope to improve in 2.3.

    For me the two best change
    - Cost of gas at reduced challenge.
    - Episodes season 7 with tokens.

    - 100 interrupt is not 100%, joke?
    - Trace luck ineffective.

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  • jotajota Member Posts: 62
    more tier rewards in challenges, new streamlined interface

    all the rest, including the interrupt/luck/dodge nerfs and half working traits that are useless, the new bugs introduced, end of strategic game play, increased paying wall
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    I merged your thread with the 2.2 discussion.
    Very good feedback!
  • S100200S100200 Member Posts: 97

    That was not my idea.
    I opened a topic, with the best and the worst 2,2
  • PiterluisPiterluis Member Posts: 27
    Ok... I repeat my posts again this way...

    • Outpost improvements.
    • No Ninja Dodging.
    • New Scavenger Missions Modes.
    • Less gas consumption in challenge missions. And more TGs!
    • Increasing of heroes stars. In my opinion, not enough... But it is a beginning.
    • New 7 season Chapters missions. Great!
    • Chances for new heroes in short/medium term.
    • I do like this update. Congrats for your work, people.
    • No Prices differences in Scavenger missions modes.
    • No chances for good equipment inside chests after missions. Really no chance!
    • Saviors with Mutant power (see my last post here on this thread).
    • Less chances to improve heroes stars than standard survivors ones. I do not find logical a weird guy dressed like Jesus can be really stronger than Jesus, for example.
    • 100% interrupt trait too limited, even for melee survivors (too body shots).
    • Graphical Errors with some survivors (see screenshots on my last post on this thread).
    Other Contras:
    • Scavenger Missions Maps too repetitive. Now even more after some lost maps!
    • Small number of different faces for survivors. Always same faces appear after calls with different names.
    • No new Daryl' crossbow? Or maybe, chances to make it more powerful... The current one "my" Daryl has is quite out to date. I do not want Daryl with a rifle. I keep him at home :).
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  • OneLessTitanOneLessTitan Member Posts: 1,273
    @shteevie @Teeceezy

    I got Daryl tokens in a "golden" radio call. Previously, Daryl tokens from radio calls were only in the special Daryl call during 8 days of hero even, correct? Is this an intentional change, and any info about where his added drop rate is coming from? I really hope michonnes drop rate wasn't lowered!! Did it come from Glenn's 25% rate in hero drops (where each choice has a 10% chance of being a hero, 90% survivor), or from Abe/Maggie/Jesus 20% each, or the 15% remaining split between Rick/carol/michonne??
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