My Own Ranged Hunter Retaliation (Daryl) damages my Own survivors

AnielAniel Member Posts: 96
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Tested during raid and challenge.

Have Ranged Hunter Retaliation (Daryl), have another survivor near it.

Let Daryl being hit by enemy hunter (tested with enemy hunter so far), your hunter retaliate and will eventually hit your survivors (if is on the line of fire).

I might be wrong but I am 99% sure, the damage is done after my Daryl shots, saw it 5 times.


  • MrgrumpyMrgrumpy Member Posts: 24
    Pretty sure this has happened to me a few times too, but I thought I was just seeing it wrong somehow, but I k is I didn't
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    This is probably where we need to see video evidence.
    Is it just from the enemy hunter, obviously your other survivors are in the line of fire.
    Could it be that the the damage popup is just delayed enough that it looks like it comes from the retaliate.
  • AnielAniel Member Posts: 96
    I will try to find an enemy shooter/hunter and put my survivors in the right line (hoping he shots my hunter), but you know, probably dev can reproduce it faster considering the conditions I need to do it again...
  • AnielAniel Member Posts: 96
    After another test, it seems it is just a delayed damage. I will try to keep another eye on it...
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