What level were you when you joined a guild?

Were you taken seriously as a valuable member or were you not utilized until you leveled up? I want to join a guild but I'm only level 12. I have level 6 survivors and level 6 council. I want to contribute and not just take up space lol


  • HeadhunterHeadhunter Member Posts: 199
    I was about your level when I started my guild. I say go ahead and jump in. There's no need to wait. You're missing a good part of the fun in this game by not joining a guild.
  • jureforjusticejureforjustice Member Posts: 270
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    To answer you, I was lvl 17 when I joined one. However, the guild that I applied to, they required a level minimum of 20, and a star minimum of 60 at the time.

    I promised the GM that I can break that easily, and low and behold the guy trusted me. I hit 80 my first week with them (already did 40 in the guild I was in prior). Then the following week (just this past week), I hit 150+ stars.

    It's really dependent on if you can gain the minimum stars they want imo... If you're good with strategy games, I think currently with your level, you might be able to break that 60, maybe even hit the 80 mark. But you won't know until you try =D

    If you're unsure about your abilities, you can always make your own guild, and test run yourself throughout the week. Then you can go to the guild search discussion, and advertise yourself with a screenshot of your stars. GL
  • PilotPilot Member Posts: 15
    I was lvl 2 and oblivious as to what I was doing, so I just started my own. You can do this too to have access to the additional content. In fact, I was so noob, I just banged my fingers on the keyboard when I created it, that my guilds name is g68y.
    I have since had my wife and daughter join, and then their friends, etc. By the way, we accept anyone who wants to join in on the action, with no commitments required or expected: leave whenever you want; come and go. Were chill. If anyone wants in on the ride, just search for a stupid guild named g68y and be breezy.
  • AndyBarrettAndyBarrett Member Posts: 12
    Hi Pilot, I may check your guild out! Looking for a more casual experience then previous guilds I've been in with other games.
  • PilotPilot Member Posts: 15
    Sure thing man. Just send the request. Were 20 stars from the next guild reward.
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