Season 7, Episode 1: Official Discussion Thread (SPOILERS INSIDE)



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    @tiwyg It was sure a twist wasn't it?? thought the killing was done after they did Abraham...and then...pop!...made you think Carl's arm might go too...I did not expect them to kill off two and kudos to them for keeping me a little off balance...
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    Kirkman (or Nicotero) said that not only did he want Negan to break Rick, but also break the audience too, so that we would really believe that Rick is now Negan's bitch willingly - not just playing along. You could see that look (the one Negan described as "if I shit in your scrambled eggs") go out of Rick eventually so the whole RV and arm episode had a point. Guess he shouldn't have threatened to kill Negan at the start......

    Only trouble with the cliffhanger, and I said this at the end of season 6, the chances of the victim(s) being kept secret were slim so I was expecting the deaths that occurred.
    Well done @Jaden and those who avoided that info.

    Btw, I'm no teenager either, I'm 58.
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    Episode 2 we have the Kingdom introduced and Ezikiel (new hero??). Wonder what mission we will have there.

    Probably making a video!

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    I think the offhand way Glenn was killed was on purpose, showing how little Negan cared. It was not an emotional moment for me but, neither of the deaths was. And that's also how I think it was supposed to be.

    It go emotional at the end when Negan and his henchmen were gone. But also only to an extend. I think it portrays the shock the group feels very well, also the need to survive this somehow. They are broken, defeated and scared, but not completely. There's still fight left in them, shown excellently by how Maggie (re)acted.

    I'm not sure that I like that Daryl will probably be on (another) guilt trip. But lets wait and see how this will turn out in the end. It might make him even more of a loner, it might also make him stop doing his own thing all of the time which can lead to catastrophe.

    I've avoided all websites that had something to do with TWD besides of this forum, that's how it worked for me, luckily. ;)
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    I can see all sides to this discussion. The depiction of the deaths was graphic but was also needed as said to shock us into accepting ricks submission to neegan, the grief and shock that the group will be experiencing in this season.

    As someone who knew glenn died in the comics, abrahams departure had me asking what about glenn? Yes, I'm another who avoided any spoilers. Could they have filmed it all differently, certainly, but even if they'd skipped the scenes sooner or later they would have toflash back to it, there was no avoidance, however a flashback would have had different emotions surrounding it.

    As an middle age viewer did it affect me? No, my personality traits are fairly fixed by now. What does concern me is that my 10 yer old daughter has classmates who are allowed and do watch this show, does this type of thing impact on their future development, i hate to think. Unfortunately programs which are developed and aimed at 1 market cross over to mainstream when a certain level of success is reached. My daughter loves south park, but every episode is firstly watched and a decision is made whether she will see all, part or none of an episode. She has watched 15 min of twd ep1 s1 but nothing more, she knows what the others are refering to and has a feeling of the atmosphere but nothing more, she and us dont think its appropriate or want her influenced by this program.

    I also watch z nation, has graphic violence with major injection of humor, TWD has always been more heavily invested in the characters. Always imo, asking the question what would you do in this situation? The big question for me in this episode isn't the motivation of the group or negan but that of those who would stand by and watch something like that occur. While it is depicted happening in the zombie apocalypse this type of thing does occur in parts of our world today (put beheading into youtube or google). What would i do, i wouldn't be standing there watching. There were alot of guns in that crowd which was controlled by someone with a baseball bat.

    Once were warriors is a similar experience and for me asked the question, would i walk out while someone kicked the bejesus out of their partner? Would i do that to someone i profess to love? Or anyone? These types of film and television while graphic, ask and confront us all with the human condition and challenge us. Hopefully we all come away wanting to be better people and not to accept what may we see occuring around us.

    Tv/film does effect us as individuals and as societies. Where i live we dont have the american gun culture, our nightly news doesn't report every violent incident that occurs to the exclusion of all else or generate a perception of fear and need to protect ourselves and our property. If someone walks onto my property i ask them can i help them, sorry I'm not interested in buying anything. I dont do it with a gun in my hand. All that being said if any crackpot could freely get and have a gun i probably would have one for protection, i can understand where people are coming from when they say they need one for protection in some parts of the world. Do i want to live in that environment, no, i vote accordingly. I have no fear my daughter will be gunned down while getting an education.

    Anyway i enjoyed the first episode, yes i was entertained and confronted. I'll probably watch it again in a few minutes and consider whats been posted. Do i accept it's not for everyone, definitely. I haven't for example watched the saw series of movies, dont appeal to me at any level, but i wouldn't stop or look down upon others for doing so.

    Looking forward to rest of season.
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    I was hoping that the 2nd victim will be Rosita but he suddenly hit Glenn and i was Like WTF !!! although i knew that it was Glenn in the comics but still i was hopping for someone different.

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    @DIblis znation is fun...I loved the zombie tornado, the big wheel of cheese, and the zombie rubber band ball....
  • AllurieAllurie Member Posts: 56 favorite book series is The Sword of Truth. From that perspective death is death, wether by magic or common weapons. Getting killed while fighting,instead of while sleeping,doesn't make one less dead! One goes to war to kill people by any means necessary so you take it to them, you don't wait for them to bring it. This about life, their life, and protecting & defending them & theirs...not some oil rights or land expansion.
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    @Jaden My daughter me be wrong but she said the comics had Glenn being popeyed after Maggie went off. If so, I would much rather Daryl feel the guilt than Maggie...not that I want anyone to feel responsible. I think Negan had planned a double homocide all along. They expected one death but to have 2? Absolutely frakked any hope of surviving or least for the present time
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    @MadPuppy @WhyDoYouDie @Amiga someone is taking polaroids. They were posted on walls of the sleepong guards. I think when our heroes saw them, ot erased whatever squirmishness they might have felt at killing those men in their sleep. The photos depicted their total disdain for life.
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    I think I remember that! I'm a gonna look that up some time.
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    Am really impressed with JDM's Negan, and absolutely cannot wait to see the uncensored version of this week's episode

    Also, had to be done.
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    @Teeceezy @Shteevie Won't you share your thoughts and opinions on this episode? I am guessing you knew about this before.

    Probably making a video!

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    We knew for months, but it's our job to keep mum about this stuff.

    From my perspective, it's hard to take it when one of your favorites is gone, but the show needs to remind us that no one is safe. It kinda answers the question about whether we should ever include deceased characters in the game, though. The show has a few characters who act like rulers - we'll have to decide for ourselves if we think they are tyrants and despots, or if, for some reason, they deserve that power and respect.
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    For me, Glenn represented the "good" left on the show. Humanity tempered with good judgement (unlike Morgan). Not being able to lie, his interactions with Nicholas, his gift to Heath, etc. I suppose I had convinced myself that, via the dumpster fiasco, the directors were testing the waters to determine how the television audience felt about Glenn. They certainly got their answer, so I expected a deviation from the comics.

    I knew I was wrong at Negan's first blow to Glenn. Our television was immediately shut off, and TWD was deleted from the DVR lineup. Thankfully, the group of people watching with me concurred. Kirkland had commented that he was surprised to see the fan reaction to the dumpster episode, but he was pleased to see everyone so engaged. Well, I for one had no qualms about disengaging partway through the premier. I gifted my guildies, apologized to them and uninstalled the game as soon as everyone left. I don't expect anyone to agree or to follow suit, but that was my choice and I feel good about it.
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    Glenn was one of the good but so is Carl. He is still very young so maybe still lacks some good judgement but he has lots of potential and is always trying to do good, too. Hope he can continue going in that direction.

    It's still sad that Glenn is gone, but I don't think that all good left with him.

    I'm too curious to see what the future will bring to stop watching just because characters I liked died. Didn't happen the first time, surely isn't going to be the last time either...
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    Steven Yeun already has a new job...

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    MadPuppy said:

    There's unsensored versions of episodes?

    Yeah, many of the lines have been filmed with the original uncensored dialogue intact, like Rick's "They're fucking/screwing with the wrong people" from the terminus box car. The blu-rays tend to have these on them, like the whole end of the season 6 finale was hugely improved in my opinion by having the fucking fuckity fuck of Negan's original dialogue. Its floating around on youtube if you're interested in a peek
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    @WalkerBait_308 I think Morgan's judgment is better than you think. The wolf changed (he sacrificed himself to save Denise) and seeing that changed other people (you could blame that whole fiasco on Carol as well). He also knew the preemptive strike on people they never really talked to could lead to a disaster (now Negan and his people feel like the good guys-this was an act of pure hubris on Rick's part and the punishment they received for this was not a surprise). His decision to go save Carol and not shoot the random person who was looking for his horse (he stopped Rick who was going to kill the guy without a second thought) led to the happy meeting with the people of the kingdom. He also killed the man who was going to kill Carol so his ideology does not stop him from doing that are necessary. He also built a jail, which they need as an option for punishment rather than simply execution or exile.
  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    @Shteevie tbh, I think the internet as a whole knew for months.
    My whole problem with the cliffhanger was that they were never going to keep the deaths a secret, and they failed miserably at that (for the most part).
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  • AllurieAllurie Member Posts: 56
    @SgtSalami I could be wrong, but without that wolf being captured, Denise wouldn't have felt the need to provide him care, she would've already been at infirmary not needing saving, & been there for Carl. So now it appears that Morgan & Rick have switched personnas. The jail was a great idea...but I think for lesser infractions than killing. There is a whole community to protect now, not just one person. Sometimes you can't afford the luxury of "wait & see"
  • AllurieAllurie Member Posts: 56
    I never knew
    Steered away from anything hinting at it
    Ignorance can be bliss haha but was beyond horrific!
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    I'm a fan of the show from the beginning but Season 6 seemed all over the place. The last episode of the RV's endless drive to nowhere then yet another cliffhanger made it end with a thud instead of excitement.
    Season 7 ep. 1 was more drawn out plot and tricks on the viewer and not enough story. Maybe i just preferred Rick and group being nomadic. The Negan violence was too much, the torturing of Rick having to choose was too much for me. If the show follows the path of the comic i have no interest in watching 3-4 more seasons of Negan bullying the world. I like people vs zombies with always some heart and hope for a cure. That episode was so dark and devoid of a real storyline i no longer look forward to watching the next episode. I don't mind the violence when it means something - like survival. The brutality just seemed to be for shock value. I am done with it until they hit the road
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