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Sometimes legendary armor is offered in the shop for 12.5k TG. Is this armor for a specific class or is it random?

I read on the forums that the level of legendary weapons offered for 12.5k TG was based on the highest level survivor you have for that class. That leads me to believe armor would behave the same way.

Bottom line, it would be nice to know what class the armor is for before I spend that much TG.


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    @personlll -- You can see the class of the armor by tapping it to buy it. You will get a confirmation screen before actually having to spend your TG, and you can see the class from that screen. Or you could post a picture, and there will be someone here who can identify the armor by the picture.

    This week, I believe every piece of 12.5 TG gear in the shop is Shooter class, for the Shooter Week.

    Edited to add:
    For the most part, these are the guidelines for identifying armor by the picture:
    Shooter: Leather Jackets
    Assault: Leather looking Jackets, but with suspender looking things
    Bruiser: Raised neck on armor.
    Scout: Vest with separated wrists from the shoulders (there's also one Hunter armor like this, and at least one scout vest has no wrist guards)
    Warrior: Unzipped jacket with green fabric and cross strap
    Hunter: Unzipped jacket with thin sleeves
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    Just click on that armor in the TG shop to reveal the class info. Traits will be random, seen only after purchase. But you can always see the class & base lvl of it before buying it
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    Thanks. Just to clarify, I had to click the buy button, not the item icon itself.
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