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    I never even bother with silver crates on gear runs specifically. There's no joy to see them. Gold crates have begun to yield some gear sometimes after months of being garbage. So that is moving in the right direction.
    I'm not analytical as many here are. But I did only gear runs ever back to doing only deadly runs ever. Gear is hard to get for me, perhaps rng factors in, but I think it should be. On the other hand, I think it should be possible, without TG, high level challenges, and purchaces. I watched it slow to a trickle and stop. If it was announced I never saw that. Now it's "fixed" after the update. I made a decision based on what I saw in game--I want decent gear, rare, epic, and legendary, to outfit my survivors more than supplies to build my camp or xp. This was an avenue presented that was not accurate. After months I stopped and ran other missions.
    Why the long story. Well, more than anything, I'd like to see in-game options be real options and not something I have to visit the forums and read player analysis of spreadsheets to accurately eveluate. I want to play and trust that what I'm presented with is the real deal. Be it mission types, traits, whatever.
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    I would *not* be happy with my 100% interrupt working 50/50. I think @OneLessTitan is spot on with the increased health of high level walkers.

    Chance of body shots should not be tied to the difference between your survivor level & your enemies' level. That makes no sense! Why would my chance of headshot vs body shot have anything to do with the strength of my enemy?
  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738

    The atleast a 50/50 chance was begrugdeingly as they refuse to change it from 0%
    Basicly anything better than it is right now :)
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    100% interrupt should mean 100%.
    this game has the most confusing system of traits I've ever seen.
    and I've played lots of Final Fantasy games I know what I'm talking about.
  • MizTyMizTy Member Posts: 1,335
    @Top8dog said:
    "The atleast a 50/50 chance was begrugdeingly as they refuse to change it from 0%
    Basicly anything better than it is right now"

    Watch your mouth, young pup! That's what we thought about not stacking Luck, and look where that got us!
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    1. Fix the existing bugs on traits like interrupt
    2. Dodging isn't really possible atm, make at least bruisers or assaults better dodgers
    3. Bring back more luck from max 30 to 45-50%
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    @Top8dog I don't know about that i think i give you a good run of not being listened to well except the mods lol
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    nerfing our xp and increasing difficulty....bastages...
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    edited November 2016
    Awesome,.... only thing I buy these days are gas boosters for challenges,.. Been on spending freeze since last announcement
    Definatly got my support on spending freeze,. As a lot of our guild members are also doing :smiley:
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    Who's got your belly?
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    'Fraid I don't get the reference. If it wasn't a reference, I hope the answer is no one. It wouldn't do them any more good than it does me.
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