Dont offend us please... (Premium bundle offer)

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1090 NKr, equal to 133 USD, enough to get me two or three premium AA- games on PC, PS4, Xbox or Nintendo.
I can dine at McDonalds 11 days straight
Gas for my car to last me two -2- months (i dont drive much, but some every day)
I can save it, spend it wisely and become a millionaire
before I turn 100 years old
Before I turn 100 yo they surely progressed on healthcare, and stopped us from aging (if we are millionaires and can pay the $) so I could probably stop both hunger and powerty (if money was invested visely)

NextGame is offering me this :)
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    Picture was very badly inserted... -_- just as the bundle was

    But dont get me wrong, I very much enjoy the game, but those bundles give me free belly XP from the laughs at times.

    What was the best free-belly XP you gained this far?
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    The reality is that not every bundle is truly being marketed to everyone. You may see the option to buy, but clearly you are not the target audience for this one.

    There's no need to feel offended merely because they offered it on your screen.
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    offcourse Im not the target on this bundle xD Im trying to be a little humurous and big on sarcasm.
    This is a really good game, and I mean it. Just tried my first gas-boost today, and I love it! I rush missions just to get loot and gear faster. And I will absolutely make atleast this option a weekend thing.
    Can bundles be implemented better? At this price, atleast give some DAYS worth of gas! (Should be weeks lol)

    But seriously, as Im not the targeted one, do any other feel this is a good or decent deal?
    If so, why?
    If not, what should be added to make it worthwhile?
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    Wow that's alot of tokens. $133 (which would probably be close to $180 for me) that one is definitely directed towards 'whales'. I used to more of a 'tuna' so wouldn't of been for me lol
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    (comment deleted)

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    @DLich I love your maths genuis in breaking down the bundles, although i prefer to look at it as $180 to updrade 3 traits on 3 different survivors definitely not ideal for a former 'tuna' like myself, I would've paid $10 for it though back in the glory days
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    I thought it was a Photoshop sardonic-ironic pisstake at first, but it's not, is it....
    It's actually for real.
    Isn't it.....

    “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.” (Bob Marley)
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    For a different sound. Not saying i have the means but i know a few people that do (irl) and there is a target group for which these bundles are quite nice.

    They would have been for me.
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    Imo quality/price ratio is very low for those bundles. One of the lowest compared to other freemium games.

    Having said that. If I was filthy rich, I'd buy them nonetheless.
    If only people wouldn't buy them so much. They'd be cheaper.

    It's just how the system works.

    Correlating buying those bundles and IQ is just ridiculous, but I'm sure this guy is just provocing. (Or lacks some iq himself, lol. Nah just kiddin')
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    Duplicate post
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    yeah, i would brought it too. if only i didnt lose 35k USD in casino 6 month ago.
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    You are talking about people i know here. Thank you for being nasty about them.
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